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This Week’s Best EDM, Featuring Diplo, Gesaffelstein, and Hucci

This week has been one of celebration and reflection at Pigeons & Planes. The P&P crew celebrated five years of existence. Huge feat for any entity, and I fully applaud them. Way less glorious is that... Read more »

The Best EDM of the Week

Summer's here, which means you have more time to go party. What are you going to jam out to? You need to close your eyes and give in to the beat, not sit and chill with... Read more »

The Best EDM of the Week

We've built a good rapport, right? Hopefully you've dug what DAD's provided thus far. We've been trying to highlight the spectrum of the EDM scene, and it seems like people are beginning to "get it." We... Read more »

No, Noisia Did Not Remix Justin Bieber’s “Boyfriend”

Sometimes, waking up early can cause minor heart-attacks. For some reason, an unidentified troll decided that today would be the day to create a Pete Tong Radio page on SoundCloud and upload an “exclusive” clip of... Read more »

The Best EDM of the Week

It’s been a trying week on the East Coast with Hurricane Sandy crippling everything from powerlines to Halloween. What better way to forget the ills of life for a bit than with some good drinks, great... Read more »

The Best EDM Of The Week

Another week down; you’ve definitely got beer to drink, friends to catch up with and shit to watch on TV. And while EDM can be a great can be GREAT for kick-starting a party, or keeping... Read more »

10 Dubstep/Rap Collaborations That Don’t Suck

One of the bigger crazes/fads over the last five years has been the cross-pollenation of dubstep and rap. It’s a lot more than Flux Pavilion samples on Watch The Throne, though. While most of the scene’s... Read more »

Khal’s Droppings 001: The Week in EDM

Look, I know that the world of EDM—which permeates the realms of rap, pop, and other genres—is expansive. It’s hard enough remembering names of genres when a “new” one pops up every couple of weeks, but... Read more »

Dance Music Post. 3

What up what up. Here’s the newest installment of my Dance Music Posts, just in time for some New Years Eve partying. I’ve also been hooked up with a p&p email address so I am open... Read more »