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OnCue – “Cereal”

Years on the grind have transformed our friend OnCue into an Angry Young Man. To prove it, the hard working Brooklyn emcee is preparing to drop a new project by the same name. Coming off a... Read more »

Mixtape: Mick Boogie and Hypetrak – “Represent the Stripes”

Excited for the onset of the Olympics? Feeling patriotic, but didn’t have the proper Action Bronson song to serve as the soundtrack to your patriotism? Well, have no fear. Mick Boogie and Hypetrak have the answer:... Read more »

Video: OnCue – “Rich Kid”

The music business isn’t known for giving handouts or doing any favors. It’s a cutthroat industry high on ego and low and empathy. Talent comes and goes, often in the blink of an eye, and in... Read more »

Manicanparty – “Rebels In The Light”

The backstory behind Manicanparty is an inspiring, but kind of sad one. Up until the present that is. Duo Pat Morrissey and Jess Corazza are no strangers to the struggle. Their exhaustive, and often times disappointing... Read more »

Video: OnCue – “Kinda Late” (Directed by Just Blaze)

Uhm, so this is something. Here are new visuals from that OnCue “Kinda Late” track. The original version featured a Mike Posner verse, however this one in the video does not. Other things the video does... Read more »

OnCue – “New Religion” (Prod. Just Blaze & Party Supplies)

Talk about a Holy Trinity. For “New Religion” OnCue teamed up with legendary producer Just Blaze and Fool’s Gold artist/producer on the rise Party Supplies to create a track that Cuey describes as “one of the... Read more »

OnCue – “Rich Kid”

Gotta love when, over a minute into an already-good song, some next-level shit kicks in. Here’s the latest from OnCue, with production by CJ Luzi and Brenton DuvallĀ for some shit that’s just as catchy and accessible... Read more »

OnCue – “SFTFR”

Judging from the evidence presented here, sampling M83 is clearly a good idea. The french electronic sound makes great fodder for the beat and OnCue‘s slick flow. “Sounds From The Front Row” (SFTFR) is a relatively... Read more »

5 Songs Picked By OnCue

Ever listen to an artist’s music and think, “What the hell are they listening to?” We do too. More than ever, artists are being exposed to a vast spectrum of genres, styles, and sounds, and whether... Read more »

Video: OnCue Shares The News That He’s Working With Just Blaze

OnCue stopped by Shade 45 for an interview, and when the topic of production came up, he was asked who he’s been working with. Casually, Cuey breaks the news to DJ Jack Da Ripper & Miss... Read more »