Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney Discusses Defending Kanye West’s “All Day”

Paul McCartney says he had to defend Kanye's use of the n-word to Oprah Winfrey.... Read more »

Paul McCartney, Bob Dylan, Rolling Stones May Play Rumored “Oldchella” Festival this October

The legendary artists will come together in California for a festival later this year.... Read more »

Paul McCartney Pays Tribute to George Martin in Touching Letter

"The world has lost a truly great man who left an indelible mark on my soul and the history of British music."... Read more »

Paul McCartney Got Denied Entry into Tyga’s Grammy Afterparty

This is as strange as it sounds.... Read more »

Paul McCartney Has Collaborated with Skype to Compose Audio Emojis

This may be McCartney's most experimental and silliest music endeavor yet.... Read more »

Paul McCartney Shared New Version of “Say Say Say” with Previously Unused Michael Jackson Vocals

Paul McCartney shared a fun video for this alternate version of his classic collaboration with Michael Jackson.... Read more »

Watch Paul McCartney Perform “Get Back” With Alabama Shakes’ Brittany Howard

If you go to a festival with a line-up as diverse as Lollapalooza, you’re probably going to see some interesting and unexpected surprise collaborations. Which... Read more »

Watch Paul McCartney Whistle the Melody From “All Day” 15 Years Ago

Artistic inspiration can be drawn from a lot of things, but not often do you see it live for a long time if not used.... Read more »

Paul McCartney to Oasis: “Get Together and Make Some Good Music”

Will the Gallagher brothers ever make up and bring Oasis back? The chances are slim to none at this point, but maybe the good words... Read more »

Paul McCartney Compares Working With Kanye West and John Lennon

Af first, the idea of Kanye West and Paul McCartney working together confused a lot of people. Was he just trying to stay relevant? Did he... Read more »

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