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Watch Fetty Wap Perform “Trap Queen” and “My Way” With a Live Band

Last night, Fetty Wap stopped by¬†Jimmy Kimmel Live to perform, and while you may be able to guess what songs the New Jersey artist delivered, the performance¬†might still surprise you. Fetty brought along a live band... Read more »

Phony Ppl Covers Michael Jackson on “You Rock My World”

It’s always a very, very touchy subject when covering songs from legends in music, especially those who have been elevated to god status like Michael Jackson. The king of pop isn’t untouchable but he’s quite close.... Read more »

Premiere: Phony Ppl – “End Of The Night (Louis Futon Remix)”

A good remixer knows when to scorch the earth and rebuild from scratch, and when to let the light of the source material shine. Philadelphia-based producer Louis Futon has plenty of remixes that showcase his knack... Read more »

Phony Ppl – “Why iii Love The Moon”

Sometimes, greatness happens by accident. That’s how Phony Ppl‘s latest single, “Why iii Love The Moon,” was birthed, the crew telling FADER, “We just started to play with no intentions of making a song, just jammin’... Read more »

Mixtape: Elbee Thrie – “53,000”

Phony Ppl’s Elbee Thrie is a different breed of young rapper. He’s not Tyler, The Creator or Joey Bada$$. He is not Mac Miller. He is most certainly not Chief Keef. The 20-year-old NYC rapper/singer/producer’s new... Read more »

Phony Ppl x Kids These Days – “Mary Christmas”

Brooklyn meets Chicago as Phony Ppl teams up with Kids These Days to release a smooth ode to their favorite green plant on Christmas Day. Phony Ppl’s Elbee Thrie and Sheriff PJ trade bars with Kids... Read more »

Album: Phony Ppl – ‘Phonyland’

Don’t listen to this album. Seriously, it sucks. It sucks so hard that I’ve played through it three times in the past few hours. It’s so raggedy that four tracks in I thought to myself, “holy... Read more »

Elbee Thrie – “Possessed By The Devil (Xaphoon Jones’ Version)”

Up and coming hip-hop producers have the wildest taste. Sorry to all the crate-diggers, but that era is kinda over, unless your name is Madlib, Flying Lotus, or you’re over 40 years old. Sure, there are... Read more »

Phony Ppl – “4 The First Time”

It’s almost surprising that hip-hop like this can still exist, but so refreshing that it does. Phony Ppl is a young group out of Brooklyn with a taste for jazz and skills with instruments–like, real instruments.... Read more »

Phony Ppl – The World (Mail Me Your Love)

I heard Phony Ppl for the first time last July with “If This Is How Love Feels“. They’re a group of 16-18 year olds (maybe 17-19 now, not sure about their dates of birth), from NYC... Read more »