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Mixtape: Elbee Thrie – “53,000”

Phony Ppl’s Elbee Thrie is a different breed of young rapper. He’s not Tyler, The Creator or Joey Bada$$. He is not Mac Miller. He is most certainly not Chief Keef. The 20-year-old NYC rapper/singer/producer’s new... Read more »

Phony Ppl x Kids These Days – “Mary Christmas”

Brooklyn meets Chicago as Phony Ppl teams up with Kids These Days to release a smooth ode to their favorite green plant on Christmas Day. Phony Ppl’s Elbee Thrie and Sheriff PJ trade bars with Kids... Read more »

Album: Phony Ppl – ‘Phonyland’

Don’t listen to this album. Seriously, it sucks. It sucks so hard that I’ve played through it three times in the past few hours. It’s so raggedy that four tracks in I thought to myself, “holy... Read more »

Elbee Thrie – “Possessed By The Devil (Xaphoon Jones’ Version)”

Up and coming hip-hop producers have the wildest taste. Sorry to all the crate-diggers, but that era is kinda over, unless your name is Madlib, Flying Lotus, or you’re over 40 years old. Sure, there are... Read more »

Phony Ppl – “4 The First Time”

It’s almost surprising that hip-hop like this can still exist, but so refreshing that it does. Phony Ppl is a young group out of Brooklyn with a taste for jazz and skills with instruments–like, real instruments.... Read more »

Phony Ppl – The World (Mail Me Your Love)

I heard Phony Ppl for the first time last July with “If This Is How Love Feels“. They’re a group of 16-18 year olds (maybe 17-19 now, not sure about their dates of birth), from NYC... Read more »

Phony Ppl – “If This Is How Love Feels”

I’m probably not going to be around much this weekend to post, which is why I’m putting together this 8:15 post. I’m not going to say much because most of my words in the morning are... Read more »