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The Official Pigeons & Planes Podcast Has Arrived

Well, here we go. We finally worked up the nerve to come out from behind our keyboards and laptops and have some real conversation. We’re still working on an official title for the podcast, so if... Read more »

A New Way to Submit Music to Pigeons & Planes

For years, we’ve been trying to figure out a solution to the increasingly difficult problem of an overwhelming amount of submissions. There aren’t as many small, influential blogs anymore, and most of the bigger music websites... Read more »

Get Your Pigeons & Planes Merch at the Complex Pop-Up Shop Now

Happy Black Friday. For a limited time, you can get some Pigeons & Planes merch at the Complex Pop-Up Shop. This ends on December 31 and if nobody buys anything, it may never happen again, so please,... Read more »

Buy A Pigeons & Planes Shirt For Charity

It’s been a while since we’ve released any new Pigeons & Planes gear, so when I was approached about putting together some limited edition P&P shirts to raise money for a great charity it was an... Read more »

A Day At SXSW With P&P and Paper Garden Records

SXSW isn’t like other music festivals. It brings in some big names and gives you an opportunity to see a ton of your favorite acts all in one fell swoop (swoop!), but it’s more than that.... Read more »

Interviews With Confusion, P&P Founder

Wow, a headline about Confusion, written by Confusion. Shit is getting unreal. I’ve never meant to be mysterious or weird, but as someone who’s borderline antisocial by nature, the position of blogger has just allowed me... Read more »

Blu – “The Clean Hand”

Tuesday?? More like Blu’s day, am I right? Er, Confusion, don’t do stuff like that. Stop talking to yourself. I’m not talking to myself. Yeah, you are. New Blu surfaced, in the form of a Tweet... Read more »

School of Seven Bells – “The Night”

School of Seven Bells are currently working on their third album, titled Ghostory, that is to be released on February 28th. The first cut from the follow-up to 2010’s Disconnect From Desire is titled “The Night,”... Read more »

Nite Jewel – “One Second Of Love”

You may have caught wind of Nite Jewel when she released her debut album Good Evening in 2009, but if not, newly released “One Second Of Love” is a perfect introduction to the synth loving LA... Read more »

Miike Snow – “Devil’s Work”

It’s been way too long since we’ve had new Miike Snow. In 2009-2010 the Swedish trio (singer Andrew Wyatt and producers Bloodshy & Avant) dominated the indie world with their sophisticated, meticulously crafted pop music that... Read more »