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Listen to Portugal. The Man Cover ILoveMakonnen’s “Tuesday”

According the SoundCloud description, Portugal. The Man saw a New York Post headline that said “A$AP Rocky had three consecutive orgies after ILoveMakonnen gave him acid,” and it reminded them that they had recorded a cover... Read more »

Portugal. The Man Makes “Endangered” Song For the Sumatran Tiger

Today is Earth Day, and Portugal. The Man is making moves for the animals. They’ve partnered with Smithsonian’s National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute and recorded an song to raise awareness about the endangered Sumatran Tiger. There... Read more »

Portugal. The Man: 10 Songs We’re Listening To Right Now

Portugal. The Man can rock out, but they've also got ties to hip-hop (just check the Danny Brown/Jake One remix of "Modern Jesus" or read what lead singer John Gourley had to say about Wu-Tang.) So... Read more »

Portugal. The Man – “Modern Jesus (Mike D of Beastie Boys Remix)”

Portugal. The Man’s anthemic “Modern Jesus” has been remixed by one of the band’s idols, Mike D of the Beastie Boys. Mike Gourley (of PTM) told The Fader, “The dude is a Beatle, in our book,” and... Read more »

Portugal. The Man – “Modern Jesus (Alt-J Remix)”

Portugal. The Man‘s “Modern Jesus” has inspired quite a number of remixes, and today, we get one from Alt-J‘s Thom Green (note: not this Tom Green). Adding a dreamy, wobbly feel to the original, Thom’s remix... Read more »

Portugal. The Man ft. Danny Brown – “Evil Friends (Jake One Remix)”

We’re used to hearing Danny Brown over all kinds of production, from chaotic electronic soundscapes to more traditional hip-hop beats, but we’ve never heard him over something quite like this, and surprise—Danny Brown’s versatile delivery makes... Read more »

Video: Portugal. The Man – “Modern Jesus”

Sometimes you watch a music video of a bunch of band members standing around playing their dumb instruments and you wonder why anyone in the world thought that would be a good idea for a music... Read more »

Portugal. The Man Mashed Up With Biggie, Jay Z, Kanye West, and More

Portugal. The Man‘s John Gourley is a fan of hip-hop. This might not be immediately obvious when you press play on the band’s latest album, Evil Friends, but it makes sense. The Danger Mouse production hits... Read more »

15 of the Best Falsettos in Music Right Now

In Italy during the mid 16th Century, an entirely new kind of vocalist began to emerge due to the popularity of falsetto–the castrato. Castrati were men with the voices of angels. Their light, airy, falsetto tones... Read more »

Watch Portugal. The Man Perform on Conan

Portugal. The Man have been busy promoting their latest album, Evil Friends, and last night the band stopped by Conan to perform two songs off the record. During the actual broadcast, the group performed their single... Read more »