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Download RZA’s New EP With Tinashe, Rockie Fresh, RAC, and Robert De Long

Dr Pepper’s One of a Kind Studio Sessions series brings together three master producers with four exciting artists, Tinashe, RAC, Rockie Fresh, and Robert DeLong, to create a series of original four-track EPs. Each producer will make... Read more »

Premiere: Grizfolk – “The Struggle (RAC Mix)”

Members of the RAC are like really good editors. They come in and make subtle changes, just enough to enhance what’s already there without taking away from the original intention of a piece. They’ve shown time... Read more »

Cillie Barnes – “Veranda (RAC Mix)”

RAC’s latest remix is so damn cute it belongs on a romantic comedy soundtrack. Like, some young woman just figuring her shit out, dealing with the ups and downs, wearing flowy summer dresses and toughing it... Read more »

RAC ft. Pink Feathers – “Simple Kind of Life” (No Doubt Cover)

RAC hit 1,000,000 followers on Soundcloud, and to celebrate he decided to give away a little something for free. Here’s a remake of No Doubt’s “Simple Kind of Life” with Pink Feathers (aka his wife, Liz... Read more »

Premiere: RAC ft. Kele and MNDR – “Let Go (Sir Sly Remix)”

While a lot of people probably know RAC best for his huge catalogue of brilliant remixes, André Allen Anjos is about to release his debut EP of original material, which features Kele (of Bloc Party), MNDR, Tokyo... Read more »

MS MR – “Think Of You (RAC Remix)”

Despite the fact that André Allen Anjos probably has his hands full preparing the release of RAC‘s debut album, he’s somehow managed to find the time for a new remix. This time, he takes on MS... Read more »

RAC ft. Kele (of Bloc Party) & MNDR – “Let Go”

Prolific DJs/producers RAC have been serving up stellar remix after stellar remix, and after working on the songs of others, they’re finally ready to release their debut LP of original material. Our first taste of the... Read more »

CSS – “Hangover (RAC Remix)”

RAC is back with a fresh remix of CSS’s “Hangover,” a ska-infused house track that is ready-made for the summer heat, complete with one of those little handheld fans that has a water spritzer in it.... Read more »

RAC’s André Anjos: 10 Songs I’m Listening To Right Now

RAC, short of The Remix Artist Collective, have been serving up delectable remixes featuring interesting arrangements and a unique aesthetic since 2007, and André Allen Anjos, who founded the Collective with Andrew Maury and Karl Kling,... Read more »

Premiere: Ella Fitzgerald – “Too Darn Hot (RAC Mix)”

For the Verve Remixed: The First Ladies project, Verve Records is adding a fresh twist to classic jazz tracks by getting some of today’s best production talent on board for remixes. For Ella Fitzgerald’s “Too Darn... Read more »

Joywave ft. KOPPS – “Tongues (RAC Remix)”

Often the ones to do the remixing, Joywave is now on the receiving end as RAC has recently reworked their catchy single “Tongues.” With his edits, the track looses some of it’s electronic nuances and instead... Read more »

Gentlemen Hall – “Sail Into The Sun (RAC Remix)”

The press release for RAC‘s remix of Gentlemen Hall’s “Sail Into The Sun” reads: “Fans of giant choruses (Foster the People) over retro synths grooves (MGMT) with anthemic choruses (Passion Pit) will love Boston’s Gentlemen Hall.” That pretty... Read more »

Phoenix – “Trying To Be Cool (RAC Remix)”

More RAC to ensure that your Friday goes in the right direction. Taking “Trying To Be Cool,” a new one from Phoenix that appears on their latest LP, Bankrupt!, the remix collective injects their signature funk... Read more »

YACHT – “Second Summer (RAC Remix)”

When we first heard YACHT’s “Second Summer,” the band described it as a “state of mind” and highlighted it’s “acid house revival” vibe. And with it’s punctuated and plucked dance-ready beat, it was easy to see... Read more »

Stream RAC’s Album Chapter One

RAC completists and fans of remixes everywhere: Rejoice! The work of Andre Allen Anjos and his RAC brethren gets the official release treatment with Chapter One, an hour and fifteen minute collection featuring the group’s dance-centric... Read more »