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Riff Raff To Release A Poetry Book Titled “Neon Vibes”

His mini album 'Trench Coat Towers' will also be released at some point this week.... Read more »

Video: Riff Raff ft. Danny Brown – “Wetter than Tsunami”

Just as weird and ridiculous as we've come to expect from Riff Raff, the video is heavy on CGI and over-saturated visuals.... Read more »

The Week On Twitter With BANKS, Questlove, and Riff Raff

This week on Twitter: – BANKS stands up for #Goddesses – Questlove has a serious inquiry – Riff Raff gives puppy advice Here is the... Read more »

The Week On Twitter With The Weeknd, M.I.A., and Riff Raff

This week on Twitter: – The Weeknd gives love to his fans – M.I.A. cannot contain her excitement to see Dave Chappelle – Riff Raff... Read more »

The Week On Twitter With Gucci Mane, Lorde, and Riff Raff

This week on Twitter: – Gucci Mane wants to know what you think of his new album cover – Lorde is makin tunes with Disclosure... Read more »

Diplo ft. CL, RiFF RAFF & OG Maco – “Doctor Pepper”

It’s good to hear Diplo step back a little from his EDM/power pop reign, and back into something a little grittier. Together with a motley... Read more »

Deeper Than Punchlines: On The Intersection of Comedy and Hip-Hop

At first blush, hip-hop and comedy couldn’t be more different. Fictional assassin/actual Canadian Seth Rogen talked to comedian Hannibal Burress about the differences between a... Read more »

Tweet That: Artists Whose Social Media is Better Than Their Music

Musicians nowadays have to strike a balance when it comes to their output: not only are they expected to maintain a steady track record of... Read more »

Another Kid Tried to Run Up on RiFF RAFF’s Stage

We saw what happened last time, but another RiFF RAFF fan decided to take the risk for a few minutes on stage with the Neon Icon.... Read more »

This RiFF RAFF Fan Got Savagely Tackled After Jumping on Stage

By now, the message is clear: do not jump on stage during concerts unless you want to get your ass kicked. We’ve seen video after video... Read more »

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