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The Best EDM of the Week, Featuring RL Grime, Brodinski, and Todd Edwards

The deeper we get into the summer, the fiercer the electronic beats are becoming. This week's no different; we're stacked with a batch of diverse sounds from a number of dance music realms. Some aren't for... Read more »

This Week’s Best EDM, Featuring Flosstradamus, RL Grime, and ZHU

Summer's upon us, and the music is truly heating up. Not necessarily 31 flavors, but the multi-faceted electronic music scene is really branching out. Just check out the selections from this week; we have sounds for... Read more »

This Week’s Best EDM, Featuring Baauer, RL Grime, and Hucci

We have a feeling that many of you will be heading out to SXSW, and need some traveling music. This was a stellar week for dance music, especially if you have a disdain for the "commercial... Read more »

This Week’s Best EDM, Featuring RL Grime, Plastician, and Mr. Carmack

This is the space where I'd speak about this week, but we got kind of turnt up during the Christmas party so most of my words just circulate around needing Advil... and a fried egg sandwich.... Read more »

This Week’s Best EDM, Featuring RL Grime, Duke Dumont, and Flosstradamus

Things this old android wants for Christmas: a new winter cap. Front teeth for my son. A Daft Punk helmet. An evening full of turn up. Disclosure's Settle Special Edition. A box of brownies. Did I say... Read more »

This Week’s Best EDM, Featuring Baauer, Disclosure, and Sinjin Hawke

Last week, I questioned the care people have over the term "EDM." I have to say, the stock people put in that term kills me. Break down what the acronym stands for, then tell me how... Read more »

This Week’s Best EDM, Featuring Duck Sauce, Disclosure, and RL Grime

I say this a lot, but this week really surprised me. On the varied tip, we make sure to hit you with some of the biggest names, then on the flipside we smack you upside the... Read more »

This Week’s Best EDM Featuring Major Lazer, RL Grime, and Rustie

Another week down, another serious batch of dance music tracks at your disposal. From the huge bombs to the smooth grooves, we've got you covered with what's been popping from this past week.... Read more »

This Week’s Best EDM, Featuring A-Trak, Major Lazer, and RL Grime

This week flew right by. That post-Fourth of July week feels nonexistent. Or maybe I'm just hung over. Whatever the case may be, there's a grip of decent trap either out now or on the horizon,... Read more »

Download RL Grimes’ Remix of Chief Keef’s “Love Sosa” (Only Available Today)

RL Grime made this remix for Chief Keef, and he wants you to have it. But you can only have it if you download today. Hurry! Your weekend is going to be shit if you don’t... Read more »

The Best EDM of the Week

DAD's felt the slings and arrows this week over three letters: E D M. We won't go into it, but if you're of the crowd that believes that "EDM" is more than "electronic dance music," you... Read more »

Jamie Lidell – “What A Shame (RL Grime & Salva Remix)”

With “What A Shame,” Jamie Lidell already had a chaotic powerhouse of a track, and now RL Grime and Salva got their hands on it. If you heard their “Mercy” remix, you know that these two... Read more »

The Best EDM of the Week

Do Androids Dance does not hold any responsibility for what might happen if you plan on playing anything in this list for your NFL-loving boys who don't fuck with "that old electronic disco shit." You can... Read more »

RL Grime Has Done a Christmas Edit of his “Mercy” Remix

With so many remixers and producers getting into the Christmas spirit, it makes sense that the Trap contingent pull their own weight. You should already be aware of RL Grime & Salva‘s mighty “Mercy” remix; RL... Read more »

Benzi – Girl Trapz, Vol. 2

Back in September, superstar DJ Benzi dropped his first Girl Trapz mix, which featured a number of popular tracks getting the Trap treatment by a bevy of talented producers. He’s still on that, and today dropped... Read more »