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Best Songs of the Week

With so much good music steadily coming through, it's easy to miss out on some of the best. To help prevent this, we've picked some... Read more »

Premiere: SOS – “Dead Or Alive”

With “She Wants” still spreading, Portland duo SOS (previously Shadows On Stars) drop another single from their upcoming self-titled album. So far, the direction has been dark... Read more »

Shadows on Stars – “Little Bit” (Lykke Li Cover)

“Little Bit” is one of Lykke Li‘s cutest songs, but she still manages to weave in some dark undertones, and Shadows on Stars bring that... Read more »

Video Premiere: Shadows On Stars – “When It Builds”

Shadows On Stars won us over with their debut album, and they’re set to have a busy 2013 with a tour and another release, which... Read more »

Video: Shadows On Stars – “Out Of My Head”

Shadows On Stars was one of our picks for Artists We Hope Blow Up In 2012, and while they may still have a few steps... Read more »

Download Shadows On Stars’ Debut Album For Free

This has been a long time coming. Ever since we first heard them with the impossible-not-to-love “Now You’re Mine,” we’ve been championing Shadows On Stars... Read more »

Premiere: Shadows On Stars – “Punk Kids (Chi Duly Remix)”

Shadows On Stars—one of the few acts on our short list of artists we hope blow up—are releasing their excellent self-titled full debut project on... Read more »

Artists We Want To See Blow Up In 2012

Anyone can make a short list of the artists buzzing right now. Do you have the internet? Yes? Then you know who is buzzing, because... Read more »

Video: Shadows On Stars – “Punk Kids”

Here’s the latest from indie pop/rock duo Shadows On Stars. By inserting new wave, pop, punk rock, and hip-hop flavor into their catchy, upbeat tracks, they... Read more »

5 Songs Picked By Shadows On Stars

We got Xaphoon Jones’ picks. We got Brenton Duvall’s picks. Let’s keep it going, yeah? You might not know them yet, but Shadows On Stars... Read more »

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