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We’ve covered Spoek Mathambo a few times before, but now, the rapper/producer who hails from South Africa has taken on another project. Joining forces with DJ Spoko, André Heldenhuys, Michael Buchanan, and Bhekisenzo Cele, Mathambo and... Read more »

Watch Spoek Mathambo’s Colorful, Flamigo-Filled Video for “Zombie”

As part of the Red Hot + Fela compilation, a recently released album which saw contemporary musicians pay tribute to the late legend Fela Kuti, South African musician Spoek Mathambo covered “Zombie.” Now his cover has a... Read more »

The Big Chill Post

The Big Chill festival (Herefordshire, England) really stepped its game up this year, managing to bag Kanye West‘s only UK festival performance and fill out the festival bill with a great mix of emerging and established talent, and some really forward... Read more »

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