T. Shirt – “Learning To Fly”

T. Shirt‘s got an album coming out in May, but he linked up with producer Steel Tipped Dove for another free track to keep things... Read more »

T.Shirt – “The Coolest Winter”

If you listened to Big Baby Gandhi’s excellent new mixtape, you probably had a few different reactions, and unless you and I are on completely... Read more »

Video: T.Shirt – “Coming Up”

At only a little over one minute long, it’s a short clip, but what it lacks in length it makes up for with lots of... Read more »

Album: T.Shirt – ‘The F*ck’

T.Shirt is fired up. He’s always been one of the more intense rappers out there with a keen attention to aesthetics and a focus on... Read more »

T.Shirt – “Puerto Rican Rum”

T.Shirt is one of those dudes that you can just hear boiling over with passion. It’s clear that a lot of rappers see this as... Read more »

Video: T.Shirt – “Angst”

All I do is walk around, like “fuck this world.” True. From Shirt: I wanted to talk about angst. Two specific scenes inspired this record.... Read more »

Video! T.Shirt – “Ode To Raekwon”

Shirt was gonna hold off on dropping this “Ode To Raekwon” video until next week, but in light of this fucking hurricane and the fact... Read more »

Video! T.Shirt – “For The Record”

Didn’t see that coming. I don’t want to give anything away, so just spend a minute and thirty five seconds of your life to check... Read more »

T.Shirt – “I Should Just Chill” (Album)

Here’s the latest from T.Shirt. On this one Shirt keeps on with his classic, intelligent, unmistakenly NYC style. The jazzy production ranges from smooth to... Read more »

T.Shirt – “Ode To Raekwon”

T.Shirt is so NY. He mentioned this track in his interview with P&P, and now we’ve got the product. It’s got a throwback feel to... Read more »

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