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Study Says Migos Really Are Better Than The Beatles (Kind Of)

Internet lore (aka very successful trolls) would tell you that Atlanta hip-hop trio Migos far surpass legendary Brits the Beatles, musically and otherwise. What if... Read more »

10 Times the Grammys Actually Got it Right

While the Grammys might claim to represent the best of the best, the results are highly contested, and year after year artists are snubbed while... Read more »

This is How the Form of Beatles Songs Evolved

Ever curious as to how the form of Beatles songs evolved over the course of the legendary band’s career? Charting The Beatles is a site... Read more »

J. Cole Says He Understands 2Pac and Bob Marley More Every Year

J. Cole, who says his new album has allowed him to break free from the stress he felt while crafting previous works, recently spoke with... Read more »

Paul McCartney Reflects on the Day John Lennon Died

Paul McCartney recently spoke about how he felt the day he found out his The Beatles bandmate John Lennon had been killed. “I was at home. I... Read more »

Here’s Why an Album By Bob Dylan, The Beatles, and The Rolling Stones Never Happened

Glyn Johns, who produced and engineered on some of the most critically lauded albums of all time by The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, and The... Read more »

See The Bigger Picture Behind Famous Album Covers

Although the increase in streaming and move towards digital instead of physical music sales has taken the focus away from album covers somewhat, it remains impossible... Read more »

Watch Tourists Attempt to Reenact the Famous Beatles Cover with Abbey Road’s 24/7 Live Cam

We’ve all been there, on some vacation with friends or family, a bulky camera woefully strapped around our neck, annoying the locals with our utter inability... Read more »

Classic Album Covers Drawn By Kids

When I was younger, I could not draw to save my life. I mean, I could do the basics—a flower here, a butterfly there, a... Read more »

“The Dark Side of the Covers”: Famous Album Covers Reimagined From the Other Side

Album covers like The Beatles’ Abbey Road and Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon have become just as well-known as many famous paintings. But... Read more »

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