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The Pixies Announce New Release “EP-1″ Available Today

After the news that Kim Deal would no longer be part of The Pixies, their release of the new track “Bagboy” in June seemed surprising. But now, in an interview with the New York Times, Charles Thompson—lead... Read more »

10 Must-See Acts at Los Angeles’ FYF Fest

Los Angeles' premiere music festival, FYF Fest, once took place in venues splayed across the city in its full "fuck yeah" DIY glory. Now the festival finds its home on the dusty outskirts of Downtown Los... Read more »

The 50 Best Indie Covers Of Classic Rock Songs

There’s no formula for a great cover. Sometimes it’s about faithfully sticking to the script written by a master and other times it’s all about making the song “your own.” In between those two extremes is... Read more »