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Action Bronson, A$AP Ferg, The-Dream, And More Watch VR Porn And It’s Hilarious

Nothing creeps me out more than the idea of virtual reality porn. I mean, were inventors just like, “Fuck it. Let’s put that whole curing diseases and fixing our ecosystem on hold and create something to... Read more »

How Jay Z’s “Holy Grail” Changed the “Watch The Throne” Album

The-Dream became the latest in a series of influential musicians and writers to become verified users on Genius (formerly known as Rap Genius) today, annotating rap lyrics with insights into how they were made and their... Read more »

The-Dream – “Black”

We’ve heard a few responses to the situation surrounding Donald Sterling’s racism, but The-Dream’s reaction provides stark contrast to Plies’ “Donald Sterling: Racist Muthafucka.” Not to invalidate Plies’ feelings—they are very valid—but The-Dream conjures up something... Read more »

15 of the Best Falsettos in Music Right Now

In Italy during the mid 16th Century, an entirely new kind of vocalist began to emerge due to the popularity of falsetto–the castrato. Castrati were men with the voices of angels. Their light, airy, falsetto tones... Read more »

Watch The-Dream Perform “Too Early” Alongside Gary Clark Jr. on Fallon

R&B songsmith turned troubadour The-Dream teamed up with a few musically inclined friends last night for a performance of “Too Early” on Fallon. Between house band The Roots and guitar wiz Gary Clark Jr., Dream had... Read more »

Album Stream: The-Dream – “IV Play”

After sparking our interest by boasting collaborations with names like Jay-Z, Beyonce, Pusha-T and 2 Chainz, The-Dream has shared a preview of his upcoming IV Play. Streaming now on Vevo, you can hear the whole album... Read more »

The-Dream ft. Jay-Z – “High Art”

The-Dream promised that his forthcoming album, IV Play, would feature some industry heavyweights, and to not disappoint, he’s got none other than Jay-Z providing a verse on his latest single, “High Art.” Featuring The-Dream’s signature auto-tuned... Read more »

11 Songs to Have Sex to in Space

Space. The final frontier. Or, as some know it, the 100 Kilometer High Club: the most romantic place off of Earth. While humans have gazed up at the moon and made love under the stars since... Read more »

The-Dream – “IV Play”

The-Dream has been slowly unspooling tracks from his new album, including “TRON” which featured him trying his hand at the chopped and screwed technique of his pitching his signature croon down several levels. Don’t worry though,... Read more »

The-Dream’s Album To Feature Jay-Z, Beyonce, Watch Video For “Slow It Down”

Apparently, drag races are still a thing people do to settle arguments, or at least that’s the case in The-Dream’s latest visuals. Alongside Fabulous, “Slow It Down” features the singer/songwriter in a 1950s inspired storyline where... Read more »