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The Drums – “I Can’t Pretend”

Following a nearly two year hiatus, Brooklyn indie band The Drums made their triumphant return last month with “Magic Mountain,” and today they’re back with another new single called “I Can’t Pretend” off their forthcoming album,... Read more »

Songs to Soundtrack Your Wasted Youth

Being wasted is more a state-of-mind than a state of intoxication. It’s that apathy that settles into the nerve-endings of young people; it’s the fire bursting underneath the burning cinders of consciousness and being smothered by... Read more »

Video: The Drums – “Days”

The Drums’ newest single, “Day” just got the visual treatment, and the results are fuzzy, a little creepy and kind of cool. The clip is of a guy, debatably alone in a motel room, getting his... Read more »

The Drums – “Money (Basement Jaxx Remix)”

Featuring this remix may seem superfluous on top of our weekly dance music posts, but we can’t pass on a Basement Jaxx remix, right? This time, they take on The Drums‘ hit from last summer, “Money.”... Read more »

Video: The Drums – “How It Ended”

The newest video from The Drums didn’t mean much to me on first watch. It shows lead singer Johnny Pierce walking around London, looking pensive and lonely. But there’s a little more to it, and luckily,... Read more »

The Drums – “Money”

“Money” is our first taste of The Drums‘ second album Portamento, coming in September. It’s got much of the same vintage sound and unbridled, emotive delivery (you know, when the voice gets too excited and starts... Read more »

The Drums – “Down By The Water”

It’s hard to go wrong with that bass line progression (you know, that “Stand By Me” type shit). Don’t get it fucked up though, this song is nothing like “Stand By Me”. In terms of structure... Read more »

Music Video + MP3! The Drums – "Let's Go Surfing"

You know the type: Guitars that sound like they’re being played out of 1950’s vintage amps, a breezy surf-pop sound, and “fuck it, let’s surf” lyrics. This single has been circulating pretty heavily lately and has... Read more »