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Mixtape: The Kickdrums – “Follow The Leaders”

Over the years, we’ve seen The Kickdrums do it all. From remixes to hip-hop to transitioning into a full-blown rock band, the duo has proven to be good at whatever they do. For their latest mixtape, they’re... Read more »

The Kickdrums ft. Casey Veggies – “Thieves In The Choir”

New Kickdrums for those of us who enjoy that sharp blend of hip-hop and indie rock that the production duo seems so adept at cranking out. With a little help from Casey Veggies on the rhymes,... Read more »

Video: The KickDrums ft. Rockie Fresh & DZ Deathrays – “Want My Blood”

Visuals are out for The KickDrums‘ collaboration track with Rockie Fresh, “Want My Blood.” The KickDrums and Rockie look like they’re having one hell of a time together making the music, and it’s always cool to... Read more »

The KickDrums ft. Rockie Fresh & DZ Deathrays – “Want My Blood”

You never know exactly what to expect from The KickDrums. They’re just as capable of pulling off a Radiohead-style rock song as they are of a hard-knocking hip-hop track, but usually their concoctions end up somewhere... Read more »

Hot As Sun ft. Freddie Gibbs – “Come Come (The Kickdrums Remix)”

We’ve been big fans of The Kickdrums for a long time at P&P and they continue their great run of indie tracks featuring rappers with this remix of LA duo Hot As Sun featuring the reliably... Read more »

The Kickdrums ft. GLC – “Colors (Remix)

Rappers on remixes to non-rap songs is a risky situation, but it worked out perfectly with The Kickdrums “Colors” remix, probably partly due to the fact that the guys have a background in hip-hop production. They’ve branched way... Read more »

The Kickdrums – The Ghost Mixtape

The Kickdrums are a super talented and inventive producer duo turned band and have been putting out awesome remixes, original songs and hip-hop production for a while, and are now prepping for the release of their... Read more »

The Kickdrums – Perfect World

New Kickdrums! If you don’t know, The Kickdrums are a NYC production duo turned band. They bring their production skills into their new style of music and even though they’ve got a definite rock edge, it’s... Read more »

Video! The Kickdrums – "Love Is A Drug"

This is the visual for The Kickdrums’ “Love Is A Drug”, which is off of their unreleased *Detached At Ease* album. More dopeness from the Kickdrums!... Read more »

Video! The Kickdrums – "Out To Get Me"

Just spotted this one via their twitter. Here is also what was said on their twitter before posting the link: I must admit, I can be kinda paranoid. Sometimes I even feel like people are watching... Read more »

New! The Kickdrums – *Coachella (The Indio Sessions: Day 2)*

Here is the day 2 mix of The Kickdrums Indio session for Coachella consisting of 19 dope cuts. Download for the full mix & track listing below!! ____________________________________ The Kickdrums – *Coachella (The Indio Sessions: Day... Read more »

The Kickdrums – Coachella Day One Mix

Ah, Coachella. The festivals are doing it big this year. Out of them all, I think Bonnaroo and Coachella are on top of my wish list but between school and uncertain summer plans, I’m not sure... Read more »

The Constellations – "Setback" (Kickdrums Remix)

The Kickdrums just sent over this remix they did of ATL band The Constellations. The Kickdrums are always on point with their production, and this time they’ve crafted a fun, crispy rock song perfect to get... Read more »

New! The Kickdrums Ft. Big Pooh – "Impatient" (Slow Down) (Remix)

This track was also the intro on the Kickdrums *Just A Game* EP. They were initially going to remix the entire EP but not got it done. Here is one remix that did get done featuring... Read more »

New! The Kickdrums – "Walking Dream"

Off of their upcoming EP *There Might Be Blood*, which drops on Halloween!! The Kickdrums – “Walking Dream” | Zshare Pigeons and Planes... Read more »