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The White Panda – I Want Brooklyn Back (Jackson 5 vs Jay-Z)

Mash-up duo The White Panda just released this full length mash featuring Jackson 5’s “I Want You Back” and Jay-Z/Lil Wayne’s “Hello Brooklyn”. Hit play and pretend it’s the weekend. You can download their recent album... Read more »

The White Panda – Pandamonium (Free Album)

The White Panda is back with an all new album chock-full of mash-up madness. The album plays through in one minute segments of pure insanity, tailor-made for you hyper active squirrels that have been force-fed Ritalin... Read more »

White Panda – Fire Dust (Lil Wayne & Flux Pavilion)

Not gonna lie, I’m not the biggest fans of mashups. I’m not going to get into the argument on whether or not it’s a musical art form, because it clearly is. However, it’s really easy to... Read more »

Ellie Goulding – Lights (Potomac Boys Club Remix ft. Waka Flocka Flame & Wale)

Waka Flocka Flame has producers inspired! Here is Brenton Duvall and his buddy Patrick McKelvy’s (collectively known as Potomac Boys Club) personal spin on Waka and Wale‘s “No Hands” with a little Ellie Goulding thrown in... Read more »

The White Panda – White Knuckle Ride

Damn, things got tense after that last post. Read it here if you don’t know what I’m talking about. I just want to put it out there that this music blogging shit gets complicated. Everything isn’t... Read more »

New! The White Panda – “Pop Bottles Baby” (Lil’ Wayne, Birdman, Drake, & Bieber Mash)

New mash from The White Panda called “Pop Bottles Baby”. It’s a mash up using Bieber’s “Baby” instrumental & combining it with Wayne & Birdman’s “Pop Bottles” verses & some random old Drake verse. Check it... Read more »

New! The White Panda – “I Wish I Broke Your Heart”

Here goes a new mash from The White Panda called “I Wish I Broke Your Heart”. On this joint they mash up the vocals of Skee-Lo’s “I Wish” on top of Taio Cruz’ “Break Your Heart“.... Read more »

New! The White Panda – “The Next Starfucker” (Snoop & Dr. Dre meets Starfucker)

Newest track mixes together Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg with Starf*cker on “The Next Starf*cker.”  Also attached is the first official image of “Rematch,” our summer album out July 2nd!   Hope you enjoy! -TWP [wpaudio url=""... Read more »

The White Panda – “Ritual God” (Usher x Worship x Bestrack Mash Up)

Ghost post. I scheduled this because as it goes up, I won’t be around to blog. You, however, will be sitting in a dark room scouring the internetz for weird porn and danceable mash-ups that you... Read more »

The White Panda – "Drake and Diane" (John Mellancamp vs. Drake)

It’s been a minute since I hit you with a White Panda mash up. This is an unlikely combination, and one that makes me laugh almost as much as my own Paint skills. I’m about to... Read more »

The White Panda – "Praise Outkast" (Outkast vs Fatboy Slim)

Still too cool for mash ups? Just stop it. Hating mash ups is like hating dogs. And people who hate dogs are not to be trusted under any circumstances. Got bit by a rabid dog when... Read more »

The White Panda – "Let's Go Dream" (Trick Daddy vs. Pet Shop Boys)

The White Panda pumps out mash-ups like religious differences historically pump out wars. Wait. Not like that. Bad simile. The White Panda just makes a lot of mash ups. And good ones. Here’s the latest. Start... Read more »

The White Panda – "Tipsy in the Sun" (Weezer vs J-Kwon)

The White Panda called this mash up a spring break track, so the only real way to check it out is to find someplace hot, preferably with sand/water, grab a cold beverage, and hear this how... Read more »

Leftovers and Loose Ends

Here’s a motley crew of songs that have been sitting in the center of my desktop, marked in my head as “things to post later”. As with all “laters” in life, I’m still learning that later... Read more »

The White Panda – "Shooting Superstars" (Eminem vs Bag Raiders)

I woke up today before my alarm went off. I looked over to see how many more hours before I had to wake up. I had two minutes. Good morning, Monday. Thankfully, disappointment isn’t the only... Read more »