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Tokyo Police Club – “All My Friends” (LCD Soundsystem Cover)

Here’s another one from their cover series, which has Tokyo Police Club learning/rehearsing/recording new covers every day for ten days. This time around, they guys take on one of everybody’s favorite LCD Soundsystem songs, the epic... Read more »

Tokyo Police Club – “Sweetness” (Jimmy Eat World Cover)

Nostalgia is everywhere lately. Whether it’s looking back on Nevermind after 20 years, remembering the life of Aaliyah, or just commenting about nostalgia in general, we seem to be a little obsessed with the past at... Read more »

Tokyo Police Club – Favorite Colour (PUNCHES Remix)

Brooklyn DJ trio PUNCHES have turned Canadian indie rockers Tokyo Police Club’s “Favorite Colour” into a feel good dance party. Add this one to your weekend playlist and enjoy those Four Lokos that you’ve had stocked... Read more »

Tokyo Police Club – “Wait Up (Boots of Danger)” (DOM Remix)

Tokyo Police Club’s album Champ Championship came out today (6/8). I said it before and I will agree with myself – it is really good. Pick it up at, iTunes, or wherever. It’s the kind... Read more »

Tokyo Police Club – A Contest, A Song, A Remix

Tokyo Police Club is dropping Champ Championship on June 8th (day after my birthday, buy me something). I’m lov-loving this album, and I would have posted about it earlier, but I’ve been going back and forth... Read more »

The Big Picture

I’m going to be gone this weekend, and I didn’t want my last post to be that rambling conspiracy theory about Cypress Hill, so I decided to give you guys another post, but as I type... Read more »