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The Evolution of Western Dance Music

Click image to open interactive version (via Thomson Holidays). This is cool. Music is a global affair, and this infographic lays that out more interestingly than I ever could using just words. We post a lot... Read more »

Kate Martin & The Shallowsea Choir – “Apples”

Shit’s been pretty cray in Paris recently, so I haven’t posted for a while. But I’m back with lots of new music for your ears, starting with this offering from Australian songstress Kate Martin. Whilst I’m... Read more »

The Wild – “Heart Attack”

“Heart Attack” shines a light on what this New Zealand hip-hop band The Wild is all about. The simple but effective visuals proivde our first look at the trio in motion. If you like the track,... Read more »

New Obsession:

It’s every music blogger’s dream – to be a DJ – but not a real DJ, because that would require putting pants on. is like a virtual room of nerdy avatars with designated spots up... Read more »

Video! Friendly Fires – “Hawaiian Air”

A few days late on this video, but hopefully it will provide a bit of amusement and light relief from your Monday blues. Friendly Fires hugely enjoyable, danceable celebration of a sophomore album, Pala, has been... Read more »

Video! Lupe Fiasco Ft. Skylar Grey – “Words I Never Said”

Here’s the 2nd visual off of Lu’s *Lasers* LP for his track featuring Skylar Grey titled “Words I Never Said”. We already know how heavy this record is on it’s own, but with this video, Lupe... Read more »

Nick Carter Green- Don’t Wanna Lose

You know here at P&P everyone gets a chance, so with that being said 19 year old Nick Carter Green brings some really groovy sounds with this song titled Don’t Wanna Lose. Nick Carter Green is... Read more »

Hannibal King- Villains Gone Bad III: Heroes For Villains (Beat Tape)

I’ve been listening to Hannibal King’s Villains Gone Bad series since Volume One and boy am I glad I have. Each tape is a wondrous sonic experience. From the samples, to drums, to melodies Mr. King... Read more »

Video! Sir Micheal Rocks- Coochie Crook

Sir Micheal Rocks (aka Mikey Rocks) of The Cool Kids channels his inner Uncle Luke for this pretty catchy video called Coochie Crook. I love the old school vibe of this one. So while we wait... Read more »

Tennille- 10illematic/10FDOOM

I’m a bit late on this one so forgive me, but Tennille is one of my favorite artists out right now and I would be remiss not to put her on P&P. Tennille pays homage to... Read more »

KQuote Author- Dedication (ft. Cornell Mickens)

In this new wave of #based and #swag music (which I enjoy thoroughly), one can get a bit tired of constant hype. Don’t get me wrong, I love variety in music, which is why I feel... Read more »

Music from South Africa

Sometimes music scenes explode in seemingly random (No place is random, I just couldn’t think of a better word) spots around the globe (Shoutout to Sweden, Shoutout to New Zealand) and we Americans usually don’t find... Read more »

Capital Ode – Success Or Death

Here’s the thing about P&P – we don’t run a tight ship. I prefer it that way. I blog reckless. I make myself accessible. If you want to contact me you can do it through email, Facebook,... Read more »

Video! Shad – “Rose Garden”

So in after my last post talking about D-Sisive, there were a lot of comments mentioning Shad, so I thought he merited his own post. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the name, Shadrach... Read more »

Post That, Post That

Yeah Jets lost. Eh, #sports. Still got Nadal in the Aussie Open so I’m okay. Shoutout to people who watch tennis. Been slacking off on P&P lately so ready? Blog that, blog that, blog that. Follow... Read more »