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Usher ft. Nicki Minaj – “She Came to Give It to You”

Some of the biggest songs in the past couple of years have had a throwback feel to them, and a lot of that has to do with one man: Pharrell. Songs like “Happy,” “Blurred Lines,” and... Read more »

Video: Usher – “Good Kisser”

Everyone wants a slice of that funky, throwback pie right now, even Usher, who sounds as if he’s been listening to a lot of Prince lately. The pop/R&B superstar is pretty hit or miss for me, and... Read more »

The 15 Albums That Have Sold One Million Copies in Their First Week

This week, Billboard reported that Taylor Swift‘s Red sold 1.21 million copies in its first week, giving it the best first-week album sales since Eminem’s The Eminem Show in 2002. Red also joined the shortlist of albums... Read more »

Shazam Predicts This Summer’s 10 Most Popular Songs

The ability to instantaneously access information has never been more easy than it is in today’s technologically-advanced environment. The advent of web-based services like Google, or even Evernote for example, have all but eliminated the need... Read more »

Usher ft. Rick Ross – “Lemme See”

And just like that we have another new record from Usher Raymond IV. This track features Rick Ross Da’ Bawse and is the third cut we’ve heard off Usher’s upcoming seventh studio LP, Looking For Myself.... Read more »

Usher – “Climax” (Flosstradamus & Diplo Remix)

Between consulting on mixtapes, producing for various artists and his participation in the Major Lazer project, Diplo is one of the most active players in the industry right now. In February we heard the original version... Read more »

Video: Usher – “Climax (Prod. Diplo)”

Considering that it’s an Usher video, you know that he’s going to have at least one barely clothed woman underneath/beside/against/on top of him. There’s a surprising amount of storyline for the Diplo-produced “Climax,” making this one... Read more »

Diplo & Usher – “Climax”

Wowsers. Usher and Diplo collaborate for “some next level electrosoul” that’s smooth, sexy and perfect for some slow grinding. We knew from pictures and Tweets that the cheeky monkeys had been collaborating, but trust lady’s man... Read more »

The 2010 MTV VMAs in Pictures

Ahh, the VMAs. It’s the one time of year that you can be sure that MTV (Music Televison) will take a break from reality TV and focus on popular music. I’m not mad, I love reality... Read more »

Videos! MTV Video Music Awards 2010

So the MTV Video Music Awards are on tonight (they start at 9PM ET/8 Central). I’ll be uploading this post with videos as I spot them (credit to Yardie most likely)  in case anyone can’t watch.... Read more »

Usher feat. Jay-Z – “Hot Toddy” (CDQ)

Uh ohhhh. Credit to KC, and Nah Right for making that .gif (need to learn how to do that). This song is solid. Not a disappointment, although I don’t really know what a “Hot Toddy” is and... Read more »

Usher ft. Miguel – “Pay Me”

I may be the only one, but I’m in it for the Miguel. Ever since I heard “Sure Thing” and “All I Want Is You“, Miguel has been in heavy rotation and I can’t wait to... Read more »

The White Panda – “Ritual God” (Usher x Worship x Bestrack Mash Up)

Ghost post. I scheduled this because as it goes up, I won’t be around to blog. You, however, will be sitting in a dark room scouring the internetz for weird porn and danceable mash-ups that you... Read more »

Video! Usher Ft. Nicki Minaj – "Lil' Freak"

Here’s the visual for Usher’s “Lil’ Freak” featuring Nicki Minaj which is basically encouraging all & any type of lesbian behavior, menage a trois, three somes.. etc. Well let me say that I’m not mad at... Read more »

New! Usher ft. T.I. – "Guilty"

Here’s a new one off of Usher’s Raymond vs Raymond album. I feel obligated to post this because of the big names and the potential hit factor, but damn, this shit is so generic, corny, and... Read more »