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Warm Brew – “Creep (Serk Remix)”

There’s certain songs and artists that simply should not be remixed. It’s debatable whether or not TLC’s “Creep” is on that list, but Warm Brew went ahead and did it anyway, and good thing. The Los... Read more »

Video! Warm Brew – “Doin’ It Right”

I have no concept of seasons, or any measurement of time, for that matter. But I do know that summer is almost over, so while it’s still hot outside let’s all cling on to whatever we... Read more »

Warm Brew – “Do Ya Feel Me” & “Doin’ It Right”

The dangers of have already been laid out. It’s highly addictive, and if you’re a full-blown music fiend who also gets caught up in social networking nonsense, it could easily swallow up a good portion... Read more »