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Chance the Rapper, Wilco and Sleater-Kinney to Headline Pitchfork Music Festival 2015

The 2015 musical festival is rapidly approaching but before we reach that point, there’s another festival lineup to be announced. Today Pitchfork announced the artists who will be performing at their 2015 Pitchfork Music Festival in... Read more »

Watch Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy Satirize Folk Music on “Portlandia”

As it’s grown in popularity, the celebrity cameo aspect of Portlandia has only become more pronounced and hilarious. On the latest season, we’ve already seen St. Vincent make a guest appearance, as well as TV On... Read more »

Video: Wilco Covers Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky”

Wilco‘s Solid Sound Festival, held in North Adams, Massachusetts, officially kicked off yesterday. To get things going, Wilco (who are headlining the festival) performed only covers during their 27-song set, including their rendition of Daft Punk‘s... Read more »

Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy Pens Letter In Support Of Gay Marriage

This past Valentine’s Day, Illinois approved the Religious Freedom and Marriage Fairness Act at the local senate level and now, the bill is currently awaiting a decision from the state’s House of Representatives. The vote is... Read more »

5 Artists Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy Should Collaborate With

In the latest bit of "musician meets the masses through the internet fuckery," Consequence of Sound reports that Jeff Tweedy, the legendary heart and brain of Wilco, will be auctioning off the chance to write, produce... Read more »

15 Albums That All Hipsters Love

"Hipster" has almost become a dirty word, but if we're being honest, they've usually got pretty good taste in music. Often driven by creative and forward-thinking aesthetics above all else, hipsters and music snobs are often... Read more »

Low – “Plastic Cup”

If you need something gentle to help you get into gear today, look no further than the wistful “Plastic Cup,” which was produced by Wilco‘s Jeff Tweedy, who has worked with the band ont he entirety of... Read more »

Video: Wilco – “Dawned On Me”

According to CoS, Wilco hasn’t released an official music video in 9 years. Even more striking, there hasn’t been an original, hand-drawn Popeye cartoon in over 30 years. So here are Wilco and Popeye, coming together... Read more »

Watch Lykke Li, Florence & The Machine, Fleet Foxes, & Wilco Perform For Austin City Limits

PBS will be rolling out their Austin City Limits series this week (the longest running music series in American television), and it has acts like Lykke Li, Fleet Foxes, Lykke Li, Florence & The Machine, Lykke... Read more »

Video: Wilco, Nick Lowe, and Mavis Staples Perform “The Weight”

There’s something special about live music. But when you’re brought into a musician’s preparation process prior to his or her show, it’s another level of extraordinary. It’s like you were personally invited and led by the... Read more »

Video: Wilco – “Whole Love”

Have a gander, if you will, at this fun and carefree video accompaniment to Wilco‘s “Whole Love”, made by Jeff Tweedy’s son, Spencer, who directs his younger brother and his best friend. Nothing groundbreaking, but it’s... Read more »

Stream the Opening Night of Wilco’s ‘Incredible Shrinking Tour of Chicago’

Wilco‘s Incredible Shrinking Tour of Chicago led the band to play in five Chicago venues in five consecutive nights. The opening night of their tour, which consisted of a 27-song setlist, was recorded and now can... Read more »

Wilco – “Speak Into The Rose”

Here’s a bonus track from Wilco‘s new album The Whole Love. From the straightforward, catchy tunes of Summerteeth to the conceptual, experimental Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, Wilco has proven themselves as a multi-faceted band that shines brightest when... Read more »

Wilco on David Letterman (Video)

Wilco appeared last night on David Letterman’s show to run through their single “Born Alone,” off the new album The Whole Love, coming out September 27th. Letterman couldn’t get enough of the guys, so he slammed... Read more »

Wilco – “Born Alone” (Video)

We just saw Tweedy’s Black Eyed Peas cover, and now we’ve got an official Wilco video. Here are the visuals for “Born Alone,” which is mostly a bunch of grainy, vintage imagery to accompany the track.... Read more »