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Video: Wolf Alice – “Moaning Lisa Smile”

There’s a lot to admire in London rock outfit Wolf Alice: their grungy but infectious sound, their creative visuals, and the fact that they’ve garnered this much attention without even releasing an album. This band is awesome,... Read more »

Wolf Alice – “Blush”

Bright young London band Wolf Alice will finally be releasing their debut EP, The Blush, on October 7, and have today shared the project’s title track. “Blush” is a graceful, slow-paced song that contrasts Ellie Rowsell’s pure... Read more »

Wolf Alice – “She”

Wolf Alice have not put a foot wrong yet, following debut track “Leaving You” with two excellent singles, the powerful “Fluffy” and the more reflective “Bros.” Today the band share a new track, “She,” a grungey, energetic, high-powered... Read more »

Video: Wolf Alice – “Bros”

Wolf Alice, one of our favourite new rock bands at the moment, are on a green screen hype for the grainy, retro feel video for “Bros,” their sweetly sentimental ode to childhood friendship. The video may be a... Read more »

Wolf Alice – “Bros”

Wolf Alice came out of the gates strongly with “Leaving You,” and cemented their place as ones to watch with debut single proper “Fluffy,” which was released in February. Those first two tracks were full of confidence... Read more »

Video: Wolf Alice – “Fluffy”

Wolf Alice have been dominating 2013 so far. The London based band has released a handful of singles this year and all of them have been solid. Their sound has already been established on “White Leather”... Read more »

Wolf Alice – “White Leather”

We’ve only heard two Wolf Alice songs, and they’re already high on our list of artists to look out for. At this point, we’d forgive the band for a mediocre b-side to their debut single. Luckily, we... Read more »

Wolf Alice – “Fluffy”

London’s Wolf Alice is back after a great introduction with “Leaving You,” and they’re two for two. “Fluffy” starts out like a Pixies track, but once the crunching guitars settle, things take a turn with Ellie... Read more »

Wolf Alice – “Leaving You”

It’s good that “Leaving You” is up on Soundcloud, because the player offers a hint of something big that comes at the 1:13 mark in this song. As it starts off, a couple layers of breathy... Read more »