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Stream Wu-Tang Clan’s “A Better Tomorrow” Album in Full

Right in time for Thanksgiving, Wu-Tang Clan has unveiled its long-anticipated, delayed and often-discussed album, A Better Tomorrow. The project includes previously released songs “Ruckus in B Minor,” “Wu-Tang Reunion,” the title track, and more. Wu... Read more »

RZA Encourages A Vegan Lifestyle In PETA Ad

As RZA prepares for the Wu-Tang Clan release of A Better Tomorrow, the MC/producer sat down with PETA to discuss his lifestyle. “When you think about a better tomorrow, you think about veganism in the world,” he... Read more »

Download A Wu-Tang Clan x Final Fantasy Mash-Up Album

2 Mello is a producer from Kentucky who is starting to make a name for himself thanks to his mash-ups. In the past he released Chrono Jigga which was a mash-up of Chrono Trigger with Jay-Z... Read more »

15 Songs That Will Make You Want To Move To New York

Ah, New York, the city of dreams. For many people who don't live in the city, New York is a place they dream of moving to or at least visiting one day. In the movies and... Read more »

Watch Wu-Tang Reunite and Perform “Ron O’Neal” on “The Daily Show”

The Wu-Tang waters have been a little rocky as of late. Raekwon went “on strike” from the group, exclaiming that he hates their most recent song “Keep Watch,” and RZA said that their upcoming album may... Read more »

No, Drake Doesn’t Have a Smaller Vocabulary Than Wu-Tang Clan

Matt Daniels’ article “The Largest Vocabulary in Hip Hop” made waves among rap fans. Using statistical analysis, Daniels examines the lyrics of rappers from DMX to Kool Keith and creates a ranking based on the variety... Read more »

Watch Nardwuar Interview the Wu-Tang Clan

Here’s what happens when Nardwuar finds himself in a room with (most of) the Wu-Tang Clan. Masta Killa teaches Nardwuar how to rock his hat, RZA drops tons of knowledge and quotes Buddha, and this may be... Read more »

This Girl Makes Amazing Portraits of Your Favorite Musicians With Leftover Food

I love food. And obviously, I love music, too. I bake cakes while listening to Clipse or Kanye West, because that’s what makes sense to me. I even cooked up food references that Action Bronson and... Read more »

RZA Says The New Wu-Tang Clan Album May Never See The Light Of Day

The recent back-and-forth going on between Raekwon and his fellow Wu-Tang Clan affiliate RZA has been well-documented. In 2013, RZA noted in an interview with Grantland that Raekwon “[hadn't] shown up at all” to record for the group’s... Read more »

Raekwon Goes “On Strike” from Wu-Tang Clan

All is not well at Camp Wu-Tang. Even as the group plans to release their new album A Better Tomorrow (in historic fashion), the divide between Raekwon and RZA seems to be growing wider than ever.... Read more »

Wu-Tang Clan is Making Exactly One Copy of their New Album

“One leak of this thing nullifies the entire concept.” So says Tarik “Cilvaringz” Azzougarh, the Moroccan producer behind a sizable chunk of the Wu-Tang Clan’s surprise new album, The Wu—Once Upon A Time In Shaolin. But... Read more »

Watch GZA’s TEDxTeen Talk on the “Genius of Science”

“Hip hop is my vehicle to scientific and universal enlightenment,” explained GZA during his recent talk at TEDxTeen. The Genius, who has given lectures at Harvard, Oxford, USC, MIT, NYU, Cornell, and JPL/NASA, made a case... Read more »

Wu-Tang Clan ft. Nathaniel – “Keep Watch”

The wait was long, but it was well worth it, as the legendary Wu-Tang Clan have finally shared the first taste of their upcoming album, A Better Tomorrow. “Keep Watch” features the Killa Bees trading verses... Read more »

Video: Wu-Tang Clan – “Y’all Been Warned”

Back in 2001, Wu-Tang Clan shot a video for “Y’all Been Warned” that never saw the light of day. The song appears on Iron Flag, but the visuals never made it to the public. This was... Read more »

25 Rap Skits You Never Want to Skip

While this sentiment might not resonate for some of our readers, others among you will know it well: You see the word "skit" on a tracklist and roll your eyes. "Why didn't they just put another... Read more »