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20 of the Best Songs to Wake Up To (For Any Occasion)

Waking up sucks, but sadly living requires that you do it every now and then. So, to help you endure the joyless process of staggering bleary-eyed from your bed to the kettle for your coffee, we've... Read more »

Hear Yeasayer’s Remix of MS MR’s “Hurricane”

In the latest instalment of “Remixes that I Only Dreamed of Existing and Now Exists” (note: not a real feature), Yeasayer links up with MS MR and puts their spin on the duo’s single, “Hurricane.” The... Read more »

The 21 Best Drummers in Music Right Now

Everyone gives the guitarists all the credit. And even when the light gets shined on the skin bashers, the focus is generally put on the past. But drummers are an integral part of bands, and in... Read more »

Video: Yeasayer – “Reagan’s Skeleton”

Brooklyn band Yeasayer has released a video for “Reagan’s Skeleton,” which appears on their latest LP, Fragrant World. Directors Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard took a straightforward approach, documenting the band playing the track, but with... Read more »

Video: Yeasayer – “Longevity”

“Oh, okay,” you’ll think as you watch the beginning of this Yeasayer video and wonder why they decided to go with such a straightforward approach. This one starts off innocently enough, showing the band playing in... Read more »

Video: Yeasayer Performs On Jimmy Fallon

Yeasayer‘s new album, Fragrant World, is out today. To celebrate, we got on the phone with Anand and found out what he thought about drugs, Jay-Z, hipsters, and shit of this sort during a friendly game... Read more »

A Game Of Word Association With Yeasayer

Brooklyn indie band Yeasayer‘s new album Fragrant World is in stores today, and to celebrate the drop, we got on the horn with one of their three core members, Anand Wilder (above middle), for a game... Read more »

Stream New Albums From Yeasayer, Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti, Divine Fits & Teengirl Fantasy

There are four new albums available to stream today on NPR, and they're all worth checking out. ... Read more »

Yeasayer – “No Bones”

A name like “No Bones” doesn’t signify much, unless you’re Yeasayer. The idea of a boneless body is a perfect match for Yeasayer’s rubbery, buoyant sound. The band’s album, Fragrant World, comes out on August 21,... Read more »

Yeasayer Release Album Tracks Via Online Scavenger Hunt

Fragrant World is due out in just under three weeks, but Yeasayer is going to stream their new, highly-anticipated album early. However, everyone streams their albums early these days and apparently that would be too cut and... Read more »