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How Lil Wayne Decided on $51 Million

We learned last night that Lil Wayne was making good on his threat to sue longtime business partner Birdman. He officially filed suit for $51 million, and the Fader obtained scans of the lawsuit that detail... Read more »

G.O.O.D. Music vs. YMCMB: Which Team Would You Side With?

So it’s 2012. And things are getting weird. Biggie already taught us what beef really is, but we might need a refresher course, because the term rap “beef” in 2012 is almost as misused as the... Read more »

New! Lil’ Wayne Ft. Nicki Minaj – “What’s Wrong With Them” + “YM Salute”

Here’s two more joints off of Wayne’s upcoming “I Am No A Human Being” LP which will be released digitally on Sept. 27th. First joint features Nicki Minaj and is called “What’s Wrong With Them”. 2nd... Read more »

Videos! MTV Spring Break Performances (Drake, B.o.B, Luda, Trey, Young Money)

Above is B.o.B. See the rest of the performances are after the jump. I was expecting all of these other artists to be here, but I was a little surprised that B.o.B made the cut. You... Read more »

Video! Young Money – "Roger That"

Here’s the visuals for Wayne, Tyga & Nicki’s track off of the *We Are Young Money* LP called “Roger That”.... Read more »

Young Money – "Fuck Da Bulls" + "Roger That"

If you don’t like Lil Wayne or Young Money, I’m sorry. Normally, I would question how the hell an artist creates this much output, but I’ve seen The Carter documentary, so I know. We Are Young... Read more »

New! Young Money 2x's

2 new joints off of YM’s upcoming *We Are Young Money* album; “Finale” & “Pass The Dutch”. YM – “Finale” | YouSendIt YM – “Pass The Dutch” | YouSendIt Pigeons and Planes... Read more »

New! Young Money – "Where's Wayne?"

Haven’t heard this entire song yet, I got up to Lil’ Chuckee’s or Lil’ Twist’s part (I don’t know which one of them little kids is who) & decided I’d just go ahead & post it.... Read more »

Video! Young Money – "Bed Rock"

This song is a little corny with the “Call me Mr. Flinstone, I can make your bed rock” line. It sounds like a pick-up line with a very low success rate. Still, I can’t help but... Read more »

Young Money (Lil Wayne, Drake, Tyga, Gudda Gudda, Jae Millz, Nicki Minaj) – "Bedrock" ft. Lloyd

Ramz threw up the early version of this a couple days ago. Or yesterday, or a week ago. I don’t know. I have no concept of time. Anyway, here’s the final, no DJ, and Lloyd on... Read more »

New! Young Money Ft. Omarion – "Girl You Know"

Here’s a new joint from the Young Money millionaires (Wayne, Gudda Gudda, Nicki Minaj, Jae Millz, Tyga & Drake) called “Girl You Know” featuring Omarion. This is the 2nd single off of their album but this... Read more »

Young Money – Every Girl ft. Lil Wayne, Drake, Jae Millz, Gutta, and Mack Maine

Produced by Tha Bizness, this is the first single off the Young Money album. The whole crew is pretty solid on this one. Young Money – Every Girl ft Lil Wayne, Drake, Jae Millz, Gutta, and... Read more »

New! Lil Wayne – "New Orleans Maniac" and "Young Money Hospital"

A lot of Lil Wayne surfaced tonight, but I held out cause I’m not trying to push more fat into the meat grinder. A lot of tags, low quality shit, and versions of songs featuring Wayne... Read more »

New! Lil Wayne ft Young Money – Troublemaker

New Lil Wayne, without the guitar. Credit to NMC. Emergency! It’s an emergency! Someone in all black left the whole scene burgundy! Lil Wayne ft Young Money – Troublemaker Pigeons and Planes... Read more »