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“Sex addiction and post-intercourse guilt.”

This is Lowell’s answer when I ask her what her new song, “Cloud 69” is about. Lowell is the latest signee to indie label Arts & Crafts, and her debut EP, I Killed Sara V., is set to drop on February 25.

She produces her own music, but songs like “Cloud 69” involve a lot more than just making a beat and singing over it. “‘Cloud 69’ was one of the songs on my record that started with just me writing in my bedroom in Toronto, ON,” she explains. “But I eventually brought it into my studio and worked on it with some of my fellow producer and musician friends in London, UK to complete the song. For this one, Justin Broad and Paul Herman co-produced with me and I also had Kristoffer Sonne play live drums over top of the beat I had made in order to give it even more of a live feel. This part was engineered by Sam Keyte and then mixed later by Martin Terefe. There is a lot that goes into making just one song. Some artists might be afraid to admit this, but I think collaboration is really special. I still have to give myself credit–all my songs start with just me writing them or with someone, and I am heavily involved in all of the production, imagery and videos. Its a lot of work.”

I can’t wait for next year because despite the shit press, everything pop is going to sound like Yeezus. Amen.

Lowell’s music is a mish-mash rooted in bubbly pop but executed with a punk rock, mischievous edge. Lowell listens to Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar, LCD Soundsystem, and Animal Collective, but she grew up on the Spice Girls. “That probably explains the bubblegum on top,” she explains. “Pop is pretty amazing right now. We went through a bit of a rough phase recently, especially in radio, but it’s starting to pick back up and become more innovative. I can’t wait for next year because despite the shit press, everything pop is going to sound like Yeezus. Amen.”