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Disclosure brought the sounds of late ’90s and early 2000s UK garage into the popular sphere with Settle, an album which experienced significant mainstream success. For many listeners, songs like “You & Me” or the duo’s remix of Jessie Ware’s “Running” were their first taste of the chunky basslines and syncopated percussion that are the hallmarks of garage. Disclosure wear their influences proudly, but dig a little deeper into the sounds of the UK, and you’ll find songs like DJ Q’s “Be Mine” and Tanika’s “Finally Found It.”

It’s a feel-good pop song at heart, but one that would work perfectly in the club too, which is part of the beauty of this new wave of house and garage-influenced pop. Tanika knows first-hand how powerful these kind of records can be, explaining, “It’s funny because I wrote “Finally Found It” nearly two years ago when garage was still just a memory and feeling we all held onto. I had to let it be heard, because at the time I wrote it didn’t make sense to anybody, except me and Fred Cox who I wrote it with!”

I think only classic music is gonna last, and when garage was around when I was young it made you feel something, it made you wanna dance and it made you feel something effortlessly. It was refreshing, and more then 10 years later it has come back and still gives you that feeling.

Having already worked with MNEK on her previous single “Bad 4 U,” Tanika tells us, “I have quite a few dance records I will be sharing with the world along with all other types of amazingness! I’d love to work with Bondax, Calvin Harris, Diplo, Timbaland, Pharrell of course…The dreams are endless.”

With “Finally Found It” as a teaser of what’s to come from Tanika, be on the look out for a new single and EP from the British singer soon.