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Lune’s “Tonight” was sent to me four times before I finally got the chance to listen to it. I didn’t mean to overlook this, we get a lot of emails and sometimes some stick out to you and sometimes some don’t. Plus, Gmail has this thing where they organize all your emails into “primary,” “social,” or “promotions,” and it’s just like cut the shit Gmail. Don’t tell me where my emails should go because then you file an email for a Groupon on cheese discounts into promotions where I’ll NEVER see it and honestly if you knew me at all, that should be immediately sorted to primary.

That’s really besides the point though. The point is, I almost didn’t hear this and that would’ve meant missing out on some seriously well done electro-pop. Lune (which means ‘moon’ in French) is a new music project fronted by Sweden’s Linnèa Martinsson, and “Tonight” serves as her first single off her upcoming debut album, Music & Sports. At the forefront of the track are Lune’s mesmerizing vocals that manage to hold your attention more effectively than the song’s hypnotic production.

Music & Sports is due out March 10, get familiar with Lune’s unique sound by listening to “Tonight,” below: