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As rap at the most popular level has progressed from a time when DMX could release two number one albums in the same year, and even from a cultural moment where Lil Jon shouted his way into our hearts and minds, the importance of injecting a little melody into a rapper’s flow seems to have grown with each passing year. Whether it’s Drake‘s manicured croon, Future‘s auto-tuned croak, the measured (but effective) singing of J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar, or Chance the Rapper‘s soulful, rough vocals, rappers who can sing a bit, or at least pepper their rhymes with melody, seem to populate the charts in increasing numbers.

It’s impossible to predict the trajectory of Los Angeles rapper Boogie, but if debut single “Bitter Raps” is any indicator, he’s got a critical eye on hip-hop and a finger on the pulse of today’s sound without diving too deeply into derivation. Over a beat simultaneously woozy and sharp, Boogie shells out critiques on the current state of rap and the behavior that social media perpetuates:  “I hate when n*ggas get to flexin just to show out for some ratchets/Or should I said that?/I guess I’m on the same thing/I’m probably on the same thing.” It’s a strong first step, a song similar Kendrick’s “Swimming Pools” in intention: Clearly aiming for wider acceptance, but keeping its roots in thoughtful content.