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Most people over here in America, even music fans, don’t know what grime is. And if they do recognize the word, it might make them think of Dizzee Rascal, or possibly someone like Skepta. What it will almost certainly not make them think of is the atmospheric, refined, and extremely special instrumental music that makes up Mr. Mitch’s new EP, The Room Where I Belong.

There are two sides to grime: the vocal side, where the focus is on the MC (this Rinse FM radio show will get you familiar), and the instrumental side, where it’s all about the production. Both are in good health at the moment, but it seems like something big is currently happening on the instrumental side, with producers like Visionist, Slackk, Logos, Murlo, Rabit, and Mr. Mitch himself (to name just a very few) pushing the sound in all sorts of interesting directions, and certainly not being limited by tempos or styles.

2013 seemed to be a good year for instrumental grime, there’s a good crop of producers currently pushing the sound in new directions and it seems to have grabbed a lot of peoples ears.

Mr. Mitch is one of the key figures behind a club night called Boxed that gives these producers a platform for their music. He feels like a scene is building around Boxed, where they see “the same producers, DJs and writers come down every time to see what’s going to get played,” going on to describe the night as:

Just a group of producers/DJs playing some weird instrumental grime in a pitch black room.

Mitch’s new EP, The Room Where I Belong, is a four track effort that perfectly encapsulates the sonic variety of grime, with the pensive, spacious “The Man Waits” (video above) leading in to “Pipe Dreams,” a chilly but more hyperactive tune which feels like exploring some sort of dark, dank cave, as the reverb-laden keys occasionally drip down like water from the tip of a stalactite.

We’re happy to premiere the brilliantly named “The Lion, The Bitch and The Bordeaux,” a genuinely moving track that creeps along, full of emotion, with the sparing use of the haunting vocal sample providing a real spine-tingling moment, especially if you play this one late at night, sitting alone in the candlelight (What? It’s a great way to experience music without distractions!).

Check out “The Lion, The Bitch and The Bordeaux” below, and let’s hope that both a Mr. Mitch album and a Boxed night over here in the States happen sometime soon.

Yeah I would love to put out an album, if anything that would work better for me than an EP but I want to do it properly when I do, so there’s no rush.

Mr. Mitch’s The Room Where I Belong EP is out February 21 on his own label, Gobstopper Records.