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You can thank the magic of the internet, and more specifically Soundcloud, for this one. You know the way Soundcloud sometimes plays a random “related” song after whatever you were originally listening to? Well, that’s exactly how I discovered Slow Celebration, when their song “Fun” started playing. Slowly, I realized I had no idea who was behind the sound filling my ears with fragile vocals and cavernous bass, and when I checked their page I was happy to see a whole EP of material sitting there, all sadly lacking in plays and comments.

Slow Celebration are the Danish duo of Esben Andersen and Mads D. Kristiansen of Reptile Youth, a band whose stomping rocker “JJ” bares no resemblance to Slow Celebration’s sound. This music is delightfully skewed electronic pop, in the experimental vein of The Knife, and the combination of synth-filled production, bass-heavy beats, and catchy choruses makes it appropriate for both the dancefloor and the headphones.

Slow Celebration’s World EP came out in January. You can buy it here and listen to the whole thing below or on Slow Celebration’s Soundcloud.