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If there’s one thing you should get used to hearing in 2014, it’s the these three words: “It’s clipping bitch.”

In 2013 clipping. released their debut album Midcity to a disappointingly muted response. Fortunately, the people that knew about it knew that it was perhaps the hardest shit out, in perhaps the most obtuse way possible. It was an album of pure unbridled vitriol, with beats built on harsh, distorted noise, and unrelentingly sharp lyricism. Coming away from their debut, it seemed almost impossible to see where there were headed from there. But, with the arrival of their second album’s first single, “Work Work,” clipping. have made it evident that they’re capable of more than just bruised aggression.

CLPPNG, the group’s Sub-Pop debut, is intent on broadening the trio’s sound, whilst retaining the elements of musique-concréte they’re known for. Comprising of Jonathan Snipes, William Hutson, and rapper Daveed Diggs, clipping.’s sound distorts mainstream hip-hop to their own elastic ends. “Work Work” hones in on the expressive use of minimalism found on Midcity, whilst crafting an almost avant-club song.

The shattered remnants of g-funk mixed with an expansive use of silence makes for a somewhat familiar, but adventurous listen. The result has us thinking that CLPPNG is an album to fear as much as anticipate. Listen to “Work Work” below.