ghost twins

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There aren’t many bands that can go for both the guttural punch and the ethereal build, but somehow Ghost Twins manage to pull off both. With their upcoming debut, Never Fear Total Failure, the UK duo have finally pieced together their own puzzle. Building their sound through initial collaborations, they’ve been working with each other for a long time.

Chris Jones, who makes up one half of the Derby-based duo said: “We met in the first year of secondary school, so we would have been 11. We were always in bands as we were growing up and just decided a few years that we should try writing together.” They’ve been collaborating with each other since, and it wasn’t long until Ghost Twins came to be.

The change happened as we were writing the album. We started bringing in different instrumentation and we weren’t just writing in the practice room with guitars and drums like before. The more we went down that road the more it felt like a different band so it made sense to us to change things. No one else seems to feel the same way though, I was in the pub only yesterday and a few friends were still saying they didn’t understand the change.

Never Fear Total Failure showcases a considerable growth from the pair, with the bold opener to the record, “Breaking Friends,” making this immediately apparent. “The album was done over a four to five month period,” said Chris. “It was probably about 60% complete when we started recording. The attitude for the recording was anything goes.”

Pre-order Ghost Twin’s Never Fear Total Failure here, and listen to the record’s chunky opener “Breaking Friends” below.