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The search for good new music is a constant and a difficult one. But you know what they say: patience is a virtue. Or “you can only find happiness when you stop looking for it.” You know, something to that effect.

I was lucky with Hoodlem. Sent from the act’s PR contact was their first U.S. release, “Old Friend,” a stunning, stylish effort by the Melbourne-based duo. Gathering familiar elements from a variety of genres—R&B, electronica, indie rock—to form a base for the female vocalist (whose identity remains anonymous) to hauntingly sing upon, they create something refreshing and evocative.

But there’s not much known about the duo, other than the fact that they’re from “inner-city Melbourne.” They wish to keep that sense of mystery alive, and though it’s definitely been done, a familiar tactic in today’s music industry, it nonetheless gives them that edge. Combined with this solid release, they’ve certainly piqued our interest.