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“Electronic beats with R&B vocals.”

“Dance music production with a soulful delivery.”

These kinds of descriptions have been appearing with more and more frequency online and in print in the past few years, encouraged especially in 2013 by Disclosure’s cross-Atlantic success and the realization that the general public really were into pop music built on house and garage. All this noise certainly makes it harder to stand out, but Anushka proves on their new EP that they can use building blocks from the past to create something unique.

Their new EP Distorted Air, out on Giles Peterson’s always excellent Brownswood label, sees the duo of Max Wheeler and Victoria Port create a thoroughly modern, eclectic, and danceable pop record. Port’s vocals are warm and inviting, able to hold attention when accompanied only by piano at the beginning of “Atom Bombs” but equal suited to an R&B diva-esque performance on “World In A Room.”

With as much funk, soul, and jazz as there is dance music influence, Anushka has carved out an interesting little niche for themselves. Listen to the Distorted Air EP below and find more music on Anushka’s Soundcloud here.