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Lauren Morgan & Jordan Shih make up the Orlando-based duo called Sales, and they’ve been releasing songs on Soundcloud for the past 10 months while they ready their debut album. It’s shaping up to be an excellent one.

Without a complicated formula, they’ve crafted a unique sound with DIY charm and twee pop tendencies. It’s driven by sweet, catchy melodies and perfectly imperfect vocals, and there’s a lo-fi vibe to the production, which doesn’t consist of much beyond a beat and a guitar. Since the ’90s, guitar music has branched off in a lot of different directions, but most of the popular stuff today is either overproduced and mastered to perfection, minimal and sterile, or boosted by electronics. Sales strip things down to the bare minimum, but in doing so they don’t lose the organic human touch. Listening to Sales, you feel like you’re in the room with them. It’s a nice place to be.

Hear a few songs below, and find more music and info on www.wearenotsales.com.