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Greensboro, North Carolina rapper J.K. The Reaper starts “Fountain Of Youth” off bragging about how hot his songs are. It’s something most rappers do a lot, but J.K. gets real very quickly, and when he starts getting into topics less talked about, things get interesting. He’s smart and raps well, but it’s the intensity that makes him special. When he says, “Man I’ve been broke so long, I’m just trying to live normal,” you can feel it.

It’s 2014 and this is generation “fuck it”
This shit so sick I’m about to vomit inside a Versace bucket
Chief Keef got hot and now everybody 300
Now everybody strapped, and everybody drive foreigns
Man, I’ve been broke so long, I’m just trying to live normal
But we ain’t normal, n***a

First off, can you tell me a little bit about where you’re from and when you first starting rapping?
I’m from Greensboro, North Carolina. Alot of people hear “North Carolina” and think we’re in bumfuck nowhere with dirt roads and shit but Greensboro’s a college town, just a bunch of niggas in leather pants and Foamposites.

I started rapping when I was like 15. Rap was just a joke to me. My first song was some parody type remix track I recorded at home. Then my friends convinced me I could actually make something out of it.

What sparked the “Fountain of Youth” song? Was it anything particular or just a general feeling you’ve had?
Yeah man. I’m from the South. Been here my whole life. People think I’m from Cali but really I just don’t dwell in this Southern shit. I love the South but my city specifically doesn’t make any sense to me. Migos and 2chainz pack out shows here and people drop everything to go. People try so hard to be like them. But they won’t support somebody local trying to do something different. Long story short: I just want to open the eyes of the people around with that track and relate to anyone from a city like mine.

I’m sick of leather hats with studs in them and wannabe trappers with fake Gucci shoes on. My city is full of that shit.

What’s Fang Life? Where’d that name come from? What’s it all about?
Fanglife are my brothers and creative people we’ve met on our path. It came from just cooling with our friends at my brother Preme’s skate shop. We were a crew with no name. So when went hard trynna come up with some corny dumb name. But we eventually stopped caring and started repping “Fuck a Name Gang” and we realized it could be F.A.N.G. if abbreviated, so we ran with it. We want the whole world to just let go. Be crazy, because we’re all crazy anyway.

Anything else you want people to know?
I just want people to know its gonna be a real silent summer because I’ma make sure I get heard. That simple. And I do drugs and listen to the song “Cold Air” by the Hics every single day hahahaha. Seriously though.