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Here’s what we know about Hopium, other than their music: They are from Australia.

That’s it, really. Hopium appeared with a song called “Cut” four months ago, and they return with “Dreamers” featuring Phoebe Lou (of defunct group Snakadaktal). The music is clean and modern—electronically streamlined sounds with hints of trap drums, lush layers of synths, and the ability to expand like a lung filling up with air. While the music is polished to smooth textures, the lyrics give Hopium an edge.

From “Cut”:
“I’ll cut off my legs so I could never leave you / I’ll cut out my tongue so I won’t never deceive you”

From “Dreamers”:
“You said this would be your year / But you fucked around, now December’s here”

Today we premiere the video for the gorgeous “Dreamers.” It’s a simple video, but captivating and complex in a way that only the human face can be. Watch the video above, and read a short interview below. It all may sound mysterious and foreign now, but it’s already starting to feel like Hopium is bound for big things.

After a little research, I realize that there is very little about Hopium out there. Is that intentional? Who is Hopium?
We made a decision to keep things anonymous for now. No context means the art can be judged for itself. In a world where everyone overshares we thought it’d be cool to share nothing at all…

Why did you choose a collaboration as your second song? Is collaborating with other artists going to be a big part of what you do in the future or what that a one-off thing?
The collaboration was really natural and it felt right, so we went with it. It didn’t really matter that it was the second track. We’re producing and writing for other artists so yes, I think collaboration will continue to be a big part of this project.

Your production has a really modern, accessible feel to it, but the lyrics have a bite to them. I can’t imagine what kind of music you’re influenced by. Who are your top influences?
From the beginning the concept was to take a classic approach to songwriting, to tell stories. Musically, Kanye comes up A LOT, but we’re influenced by a whole range of stuff.

What kind of mood are you usually in when you’re most inspired?
Is being drunk a mood? I think inspired is kind of a mood in itself, but to give you a non smart ass answer I’ll say happy. When you feel shit it’s hard to get anything done, let alone be creative.

Is it just to me as an outsider, or is Australia especially exciting for new music right now?
No, it feels that way for an insider too! Globalization hasn’t been great for a lot of things, but it’s been good for music. It’s like a creative greenhouse effect—culture comes in and then gestates in our cities and towns. AKA, we’re so hot right now.

Gotta ask about the name. Where’d that come from? Urban dictionary says it’s “a political narcotic distributed by vested economic interests that makes moderate social liberalism, ethnicity, individual purity of heart, and soaring rhetoric appear to be substantive progressive change.”
We thought we’d invented it. We honestly just thought it sounded good. The way other people use it it’s political, financial, which is interesting but for us it’s more personal and ambiguous.

Anything else people should know about Hopium?
Just keep watching and listening! Everything people need to know will be known in due time…