Image via Tama Gucci's Instagram

Image via Tama Gucci’s Instagram

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There are plenty of artists out right now offering their unique takes on R&B, but not many of them embrace their imperfections in as honest a way as Tama Gucci. His music and aesthetic is internet-ready and decidedly outsider in the way very few modern R&B artists are bold enough to embrace. He frequently appears in goofy photos with photoshopped dolphins and tears on his instagram, and his sound is decidedly more angelic than that of the legions of R&B singers trying to be badboys with their hyper-sexualized songs . He’s different, and he’s proud of it.

In his unfiltered approach, he’s released a considerable amount of music since he debuted on Soundcloud June 9. He’s flawed, but he embraces it. The imperfect nature of his music just sounds honest, in that he’s not forcing a false image on others by making himself seem cooler than he actually is. It’s this quality that, quite ironically, makes him cool and interesting as an artist.

His sound embodies the imagery that accompanies it, in a rare situation in which the aesthetic helps rather than hinders. Unlike Yung Lean or Spooky Black, there’s a unity that doesn’t leave the listener asking as questions. Tama Gucci is a product of the internet that feels genuine, without a tongue-in-cheek smirk or deadpan commitment to faux-depression. He may appear goofy at times, but it’s still genuine, because that’s who he is.