Image via Soundcloud

Image via Soundcloud

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By Deanna Young

18-year-old Aurora Aksnes, better known simply as Aurora, hails from Bergen, Norway, and just signed with Glassnote Records (Flight Facilities, CHVCHES, Childish Gambino, Mumford & Sons). “Awakening” is her first release on Soundcloud.

The captivating vocals and sleek production on her debut single make for an impressive introduction, and we suspect that the coming months will be big. Aurora will be performing later this month at the CMJ Music Marathon in New York, and her debut album is slated for early 2015. We spoke to Aurora about Bob Dylan, her dreams to star in a Harry Potter film, and the future of her music career.

So, you’re only 18 years old, and you’re already beginning to make waves in the music world. How would you describe your experience as an artist thus far?
I never saw this coming, but I’m just grateful for everything so far. It’s like swimming in a very good soup. Almost drowning, kind of, in the middle of everything–but at least the soup is good.

Bergen, Norway has given us many big names in music before you. Röyksopp comes to mind in particular. How has your hometown influenced your sound or style musically?
When it comes to inspiration, Bob Dylan is my biggest one. The electronic genre is quite popular in Scandinavia, though. I think the melancholy sound in my songs comes from the mood in the weather and air in Bergen. It’s not really about the other musicians but the town itself. I love the grey days.

You’re preparing to showcase at CMJ Music Marathon in October. This is big for any rising artist.
I’m super excited about performing in another continent! Ive only been to New York once before and I didn’t even have a proper donut. Performing in the U.S. is probably the biggest thing I’ve done and I’ve got so many amazing people to share that with.

What kind of sound can we expect from your debut album?
Melancholic, electric—a bit of folk maybe—and a lot of weird sounds and noises. It will be something that feels right, and that comes from within. That’s why I’ll think It’ll be something new.

If you could collaborate with any artist in the near future, who would it be?
Bob Dylan—obviously. I also love the Chemical Brothers. The biggest dream, though: to make a soundtrack for a Harry Potter movie, or maybe star in the movie and marry Harry Potter. Just maybe… I think 9 and ¾ of me is dreaming about that.

Confirmed CMJ performances:
10/21 Conflict of Interest, Brooklyn Bowl
10/23 Neon Gold New Shapes, Santos Party House
10/24 Rockwood 2
10/25 Windish Party, Brooklyn Bowl