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Exploring Soundcloud is something of a lucky dip. Amongst the countless producers pumping out stale trap beats and borderline plagiarism, there are just as many producers doing some undeniably exciting things. SorrySines is one of those producers. Not only does he meld countless sub-genres into a cohesive whole, but he manages to push this sound he’s crafted in some exhilaratingly fresh directions with each successive track.

Instead of going for an outright burst of sound, SorrySines opts for a slow, calculated trudge of noise. Having finished school not too long ago, SorrySines says he got into producing around 3 years ago, but it wasn’t until earlier this year that he began forming his signature sound. With little under a year producing music in his current incarnation, he’s come a long way in a short span of time.

Already collaborating with a number of rappers and singers, his name is spreading around the Soundcloud community slowly, but surely. Other producers have taken note, too, incorporating some of his tracks into their mixes. Giving off the impression that the clique he works in is a big family of sorts, he’s incredibly grateful for the support, having recently just dropped a Frank Sinatra remix to celebrate surpassing 1000 followers.

The future seems promising, especially considering how strong his small amount of output thus far has been. Taking elements from cloud rap, Yung Gud-esque vibrancy, vaporwave, and trap, SorrySines has a production style that he can confidently call his own. Listen to more of his production below.