Image via Polo

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In many ways, Soundcloud is a great leveler. With no expensive PR firm, no press pictures or bio, and nothing but good music, artists can amass tens of thousands of followers and build an online buzz in an organic way (unless they’re buying followers, but that’s a different story). The potential for meeting similarly minded artists all over the world is also unmatched, giving us cross-genre, cross-continental collaborations galore.

POLO (real name Marco, of course), tells us that he lives, “on a small island in the Pacific Ocean,” (presumably New Zealand) but his location on Soundcloud says Ibiza. He obscures his face in the few pictures there are of him and generally maintains a certain air of mystery. But that’s the point—forget about the person behind the music and just listen.

POLO has a distinct style that mixes elements of the moody but bass-heavy atmospherics that Shlohmo has become so well loved for with amazingly deft sampling. He uses vocal samples especially in ways that just shouldn’t work, bringing out the inspirational qualities in RiFF RAFF  (“only i can cure your broken heart”) and making Future sound even more unhinged (“jumanji”).

In terms of his process, he explains, “I make the song first, usually a 16 bar loop, then I look for a capellas that fit on YouTube or in my sample folder.” POLO’s dream collaborators are FKA twigs and Hannah Diamond on the vocal side and RiFF RAFF on the production side, and these scattershot choices are the perfect reflection of an artist who samples Taylor Swift one moment and Kanye the next. POLO got started producing at an early age, telling us that, “producing became a big part of my life after a friend showed me Kanye West and whosampled.com for the first time. I remember being really inspired after finding out about sampling, and he had an MPC he made beats on, so my love for producing just grew from there.”

As he amasses followers and fans, POLO has plans for 2015, aiming to “find good management, release a couple of EPs, and start touring.” For now, though, keep it locked to his Soundcloud, where you never know what to expect, but you can be sure it’ll be creative and authentic. Check out a few of POLO’s tracks below, including the just-released “billionaire.”