Who is Social State (1)

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How often do you hear something so unique that it’s difficult to even loosely compare it to anything else, let alone pinpoint any potential influences?

I’m incredibly grateful that my job involves listening to a lot of music, but the more you listen to, the easier it is to contextualize sounds and fit them into certain genres, movements or styles. Social State’s two track debut release is gloriously uncategorizable and wonderfully unique.

“Human Error” and “She Was Loved” are out on Mr. Mitch’s Gobstopper Records on March 30, and hopefully you have been paying attention to Mitch’s hot streak as a curator (we’ve loved Gobstopper releases from the likes of Loom and Dark0) and a producer (his debut album Parallel Memories was one of the best of last year).

If so, you might have realized that the best thing to do is start listening with an open mind, and let yourself be transported by the atmospheric and emotionally charged soundscapes. Listen to the two tracks below, and then get into a short (and rather unique) interview with Social State below.

Who is Social State?

Who is Social State

How did you link with Gobstopper for this release?

How did I hook up with Gobstopper Records

How long have you been making music?

When did I start making music

What are your musical reference points and who (or what) inspires you musically?