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We’ve been keeping tabs on Joe Fox for a minute now, ever since the rumored tracklist for A$AP Rocky’s At.Long.Last.A$AP leaked a couple months back. Now that Fox’s spots on Rocky’s sophomore effort are confirmed—he’s featured on five tracks (more than any other collaborator), including a song with MIA and Future (!!!)—we’ve got a feeling that Joe’s phone might be blowing up a bit too much to reply to our thirsty blogger texts. But with that being said, Fox is a curious but pitch perfect addition to Rocky’s new sound.

Before Rocky discovered him, Fox was a homeless busker pitching his mixtapes and demos to anyone that would pay for them. But whatever he decided to play for Rocky on Wardour Street in London at 4 a.m. got Fox dragged along for one helluva ride. According to his Instagram, the kid has been crashing with Rocky in the States after arriving with no phone and no change of clothes. Ian Connor welcomed him to the A$AP family and threw the kid some cash to help him get on his feet. Hell, he’s even in the video of Rocky arguing in that East London bagel shop that made the rounds a while back. Somewhere along the way, he’s recorded some music of his own.

Joe’s own influences are old school. He wasn’t familiar with Rocky’s music when he met him and he doesn’t really care for new music. He is an avid fan of Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, and other guitar gods of bygone eras. And this influence shines through in his music.

We’ve been told that A.L.L.A is an album that dabbles in psychedelia and “LSD” was proof positive of the album’s trippy ambitions. Fox’s sincere appreciation for the music of the Free Love movement makes him a perfect addition to this sound. Fox has his own album and a debut music video on the way, too.

Joe Fox, remember the name.