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Ah, rock n roll. So powerful when done well, so lifeless and depressing when done badly. Happily, London four piece Pink Film have come out of the gate very strongly with their debut single “Gut Wrench,” a scuzzy, loose song with a memorable melodies bursting out of psychedelic webs woven by the guitars.

Ziyad, the vocalist, clearly has a great ear for a pop melody, and his mustachioed magnetism is in full display in the “Gut Wrench” video, premiering above. Watch the band, in some fetching bedroom wear, tear through their excellent debut single above, and then get to know them a little better with our interview below.

“Gut Wrench” is out now. Buy it on iTunes here.

Can you introduce the members of the band, how you all met, how long you’ve been making music together, and how Pink Film came to be?
Pink Film are Ziyad (vox/guitar), Laurence (guitar), Frank (bass), and Danny on drums. Laurence and Ziyad met just over a year ago through some mutual friends and started making some home demos together, shortly after Danny and Frank joined and it was then that Pink Film started to find their identity.

How and when did Hinds first hear your music? Any plans to record with them?
We were asked if we wanted to support them on their first London show at The Seabright Arms. We all had a laugh, they were very infectious and a great friendship and more gigs together followed…

What current bands and which of your peers are inspiring you at the moment?
There’s a new band we’ve managed to catch a couple of times called Puppy, really love what they’re doing. We recently played a show with a band from Manchester called Flesh, their energy, vibe and songwriting are on point, think a metal Oasis. Oh and Danny is really into King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard.

What can you tell us about the music you’re working on at the moment and what we’ll hear next after “Gut Wrench.”
We have lots lined up, been recording relentlessly recently. The next tune coming up is a little more groovy, a few more textures going on.

Who, dead or alive, would be on your dream lineup?

Ziyad: Hmm… Prince, Thin Lizzy, Moondog (somehow), Clash and Television, I can’t decide what order

Laurence: Pink Floyd with Syd, Velvet Underground, Blur, Pixies with Kim,William Onyeabor, Kourosh Yaghmaei, would be a pretty sick day festival, Floyd to obviously headline. Hopefully Syd would turn up!

What’s the best type of facial hair – mustache or sideburns?!

Ziyad: Well I’ve had this moustache since I was about twelve and I really regretted trimming it off that one time a few years ago—its a timeless piece of facial hair, its not going anywhere! Laurence wants sideburns to make a come back, though I don’t see it happening.