Image via Wray on Soundcloud

Image via Wray on Soundcloud

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Straight mystery from Wray, who is, according to her Soundcloud, a singer/producer. Her voice tells us that she’s from the UK, but beyond that we know nothing. Wray has two songs online, one a short Christmas cover from six months ago, and the other “I Am A Loner,” a brilliant piece of soulful pop songwriting that makes Amy Winehouse comparisons difficult to avoid.

It’s not just the rich, slightly husky tone of Wray’s voice, but the little details in her lyrics that make “I Am A Loner” worthy of so many repeat listens. Over guitars heavy on the reverb and a horn section, she paints a vivid picture of heartbreak with ever so English couplets like:

Curtains are twitching, what do they see?
I spy you in your kitchen, you’re making her tea.

Between this and Alessia’s “Here,” 2015 has been a good one for sadgirl and -boy anthems. Listen to Wray’s “I Am A Loner” below.