Image via Elle's Facebook

Image via Elle’s Facebook

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Some music hits you instantly. Some music grows on you and once it does, it’s impossible to shake. Elle Watson falls into the latter. Her songs take a few listens in order for them to properly sink in, but once they do they’re undeniable. Slow build-ups bloom to massive hooks, and irresistible pop melodies are highlights of her debut material.

Between her first song, “Body,” and her latest, “Losing Any Sleep” Watson is building an impressive catalog, nicely showcasing her range as a composer, and her unique perspective as a songwriter. Watson is currently busy experimenting and recording new music (lucky us), but she took some time recently to answer a few questions for us. Read her answers, and listen to both “Body” and “Losing Any Sleep,” below.

How did you get into music?
My parents are massive music fans. The love for music itself came pretty organically from listening to them play records in the house, anything from Bjork, Prince to Simply Red. It wasn’t until I started writing songs that I realized I wanted to move into music once I’d finished school. I started by covering songs I liked but quickly wanted to challenge myself in writing songs that I could relate to.

“Losing Any Sleep” feels like the next step musically from “Body.” Was the progression in these purposeful or did it kind of happen by accident?
“Body” was one of the first tracks where I focused on a specific writing style, I chose to write over a small piece of music I fell in love with which was Holy Other’s song ‘Held’. It was probably the stepping stone to uncovering a whole new area of darker, lyrical themes that I like to explore in my music. “Losing Any Sleep” was a result of this, the progression felt really natural.

From looking at your Instagram and Tumblr, I see a lot of fellow artists you listen to that make sense given your sound. Who are some of your current favorites? Who would you love to collaborate with?
I love the new ANOHNI stuff, the production from Hudson Mohawke and her vocals together are so powerful. I would love to collaborate with someone like Flying Lotus, Caribou, or even his side project Daphni could sound cool.

I saw you reposted a letter written by Kurt Cobain on your Instagram. Is he a big influence on you as an artist? Who else inspires or influences you?
An artist like Kurt Cobain is such an important person to many people in so many ways. He was an amazing wordsmith and spoke of the unspoken for his generation which is very inspiring to me. I take influence from lots of musicians from Bjork to The Cure. I also listen to a lot of Hip-Hop and R&B also, D’Angelo, J. Dilla and Aaliyah all a big part of my musical tastes.

What’s next for you?
At the moment I am just trying to write and record as much as I can. I am still exploring so much musically but I intend to try and keep putting tracks out over the coming months to see where it takes me.