• What sounds like a soft-spoken soul begins to soar, liberated, as the record progresses. Rogers breathes the crisp air of glacial plains, fueling a voice that’s at once as delicate and powerful as the nature she describes and samples in the track’s backbone. Each component of “Alaska” pulses with the same heartbeat, amplifying itself like an echo chamber in which dancing is required and sadness is left at the door. What remains is an ear worm as infectious as it is earnest, one that took time to crystalize.

    “I made folk music my whole life, but after my freshman year of college, I kind of had writer’s block. I couldn’t figure out how to write a song. So when I did start writing music again in the middle of this year, the first place I picked up was the last place I stopped writing, that summer. Going to Alaska, processing all of the change that has happened to me since going to New York, and then reflecting on how I felt afterwards.”

    Rogers wrote, sang, and co-produced the song, and her dedication shows. Explore “Alaska” below, and prepare to press that repeat button.